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Personal Development

Truth + Desire Lab

What does freedom look like to you? Freedom from dieting and body shame, freedom from having to do and be all and everything to everyone but yourself? Freedom from constant striving and keeping up appearances? Freedom to look, move, feel, and love fully and unapologetically? Freedom to make money on your own terms? Freedom to speak your truth and move in the direction of your desires? We answer those questions and more online and in person. Find out more at

Health Coaching

Honeybee Wellness Club

Periods are not just for pregnancy and fertility is much more than making babies. If you’re living with period problems such as PMS, painful and heavy menstruation, PCOS, and more, I can help.

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Pregnancy + Postpartum Support

Doula in Paradise / Motherworthlove

In an ideal world, birthing persons would have a village of folks ready, willing, and able to support them on their journey to parenthood. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that doesn’t fully understand the importance of social support network, so expectants sometimes have to rely on outside help to have healthy and satisfying childbirth and postpartum experiences. Learn how to prepare for the experience you may have with the guidance of a professional training birth and postpartum support person by clicking here.

Sisterhood + Clarity + Cash

Become a Coach

Amazing things happen when women come together in support of each other’s health, personal growth, and financial freedom. I’m building a community of financially independent women who want to make money and impact building sustainable, feminine-centered businesses as they connect and collaborate with other likeminded women. Visit to learn more.