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Initial consultations are available at an investment of $150 for up to two hours (you have a full two hours to work with me, but you may not need all of it). We’ll meet via video conferencing or in person if you live on Oahu. 

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I’m a multipassionate coach, facilitator, and disruptor for food, women, and community. The kindest thing I can and will ever do is tell the truth. I’m here for green smoothies, chocolate, and bacon, expanding outside of my comfort zone, and living a turned on life.

But I’m really bad at small talk.

I talk loud when I’m excited.

I love to cook and bake, and hate washing dishes.

I feel everything and I have really good boundaries.

I help women figure out what they want and learn how to ask for it unapologetically. I believe that fully self-expressed women will always choose community over competition.

I show ambitious women over 35 how to

  • reverse their PCOS symptoms
  • prepare their bodies and environment for pregnancy and postpartum
  • turn their passion for wellness into a thriving profession

Together, we’ll explore how food, lifestyle, and your environment may be contributing to your PCOS symptoms, increasing your body literacy and fertility awareness as you’re considering having a baby (or giving birth to your wildest dreams). I will help you align your values with your goals so that you go from struggling to thriving in your work.

I work with clients virtually via video conferencing and in Oahu where I live. Occasionally, I am available to travel to your town at an additional investment.

I may invite you to work with me 1:1 or in a group, as well as recommend other options, including but not limited to books, supplements, practitioners, and/or other programs. I may receive a commission on any recommendations you purchase through my referral links. The information I share with you is for information and education purposes, and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed healthcare professional. Please exercise personal wisdom and discretion as well as your own due diligence.

Initial consultations are $150 for up to two hours (you have a full two hours to work with me, but you may not need all of it).

I offer both virtual and live pregnancy and postpartum support. I accept new clients for virtual support on a rolling basis. I am accepting Oahu-based clients with due dates in April 2019 and beyond. All prospective birthing clients are required to complete a childbirth preparation course as a condition of working with me. I recommend Birthing Better, Pain to Power, Birthing from Within, or Julia Vergara on Oahu.

I do not refund consultations or coaching agreements. A 30% deposit is due up front for all coaching agreements not paid in full. A deposit is required to hold dates for doula agreements that include childbirth support. As a full-spectrum doula, I do not refund agreements in the event of termination or loss.

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Join Heart, Hips, Womb Oahu or the Oahu Mothercircle to connect with likeminded women and receive invitations to upcoming events.

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If you’re a health coach or aspire to be one, check out my mentoring and community building program.


I’m available for brief calls at 347-927-2855 Wednesdays between 11am and 2pmHST. You can also sign up to get updates on events and special offers.