What's The Most Important Thing?

The world’s been doing what it’s always been doing, but somehow, right now feels too much for a lot of people. And it’s increasing the uncertainty and creating more anxiety, more fear, more panic, and more paralysis in people’s lives.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Instead of freaking out, you could take a few deep breaths to recalibrate, and then ask yourself: what’s the most important thing I can do right now?

I hope that as you answer this you recognize that you are the most important thing.

Your health and your well-being is the most important thing.

Your love for yourself is the most important thing.

Setting clear and firm boundaries in your relationships, minimizing clutter of the physical and mental variety, managing your money responsibly, making time for the people and activities that feel good, getting enough sleep, and asking for help are some of the most important things.

You can’t give what you yourself don’t have the capacity to hold and receive for yourself. 

I’m sure you’ve tried. We all have. 

It’s why we’re experiencing varying degrees of sickness, pain, depression, and hopelessness in our lives. When we keep giving from near empty cups, instead of from the overflow, what’s left for us? How can we nourish ourselves from a place of emptiness?

When the pressure is on, we forget that we have power, that we always have a choice.

What do you keep choosing instead of what you really want? 

How is it making your life and how you’re showing up in the world better? 

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I help high achieving women and coaches over 35 living with PCOS and perimenopause prepare their bodies, lives, and businesses for first-time motherhood.

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