What Does a Doula Do?

A doula provides non-medical, educational, emotional, and physical support to a birthing person and their family throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. This can also include conception, abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, and adoption (full-spectrum). The presence of a doula has been demonstrated to improve the birth outcomes and experiences of the expectant person.

As a Full-Spectrum Doula and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Melissa Danielle supports women over 35 throughout the childbearing year.

While Doulas are trained professionals and may have additional training related to pregnancy and childbirth as well as health, wellness, and even medical training, the birthing person and their partners have the ultimate say in how they want to experience pregnancy and beyond.

A doula’s ability to support the expectant family is only as good as the family’s own ability and willingness to learn the skills needed have a safe and satisfying birth, however one chooses to give birth.

I require all clients to complete a childbirth preparation and education course as a condition of working with me. This ensures we’re on the same page with regards to the birth experience you desire and demonstrates your own capacity and understanding of your experience.I’ve partnered with the following childbirth preparation and education providers to help you prepare for your birth. Choose the course that resonates most with your desires for a safe and satisfying birth.
Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online CoursePain to Power Birth