I felt that I had no clue as to where to go, what I wanted to do, how to start, or even start clearing out what I did want to do in all areas of life. I felt so lost and confused. [During our session] I was able to see and find new options for work, food, life, fun, and finances.

I have been looking for jobs back in the states (my home country) in areas that I did not even know existed, I gain vision for later in life as to what I could do for a business that I never knew was there. You were able to provide such a fresh, creative, and very alternative perspective to life and how to approach it.

Be ready to cracked open and find possibilities that you might never have thought existed or even possible. There is no cookie cutter thinking here. It is free, abstract, and liberating. – Trina Kaminaka

I am in a huge place of change. I have just finished college, I’m moving to a new house with a already functioning acre garden for which is a VERY new exciting adventure as well. [The session was] NOT cookie cutter NOT a set list of questions to answer… she built on what I said, asked, etc. I felt listened to and heard. Nothing I said was diminished or made small or simple. New perspectives that rang true… not just shiny, happy positive thinking messages. (Affirmations and positive thinking have their place FOR SURE… but you gave true perspective I could wrap my head around and let sink in… they have a much greater opportunity for becoming part of me.

I appreciated creative ideas added to the ones I had already. I didn’t speak them but you made the unspoken even better than it was. Permission to do, try, think outside the box, be creative and have something work, not work, or take from it what makes sense. I appreciated thinking about my life and my relationship to food and other things in various ways… making interesting connections. We had a different conversation than I am used to having when it comes to some of my personal challenges that was REALLY refreshing and empowering. Not the… “You can do X in spite of your personal challenges” but this is all you and how can we make life work so ALL of you can show up in confidence.

[Y]our ideas were expanding and inspiring…[I]t was really nice to talk to someone who had a deeper understanding of diversity issues and experience! I would say that working with you feels REAL.. that you really do show up and want to help rather than just take a person through motions they might get in a work book. You are quick thinking and really listen and hear! A unique approach. That 2 hours of steady work is a great way to start a process of real work.

I really value your giving of yourself and being so present during our talks. Thank you for inspiring and helping me do some brain rewiring. 🙂 In gratitude, appreciation and Celebration! – Judy B., Iron River, WI

I was curious about “Breathe on Purpose” and decided to join. I’m so glad I did. I could feel the tension from my day releasing. After just a few minutes, I felt more grounded and calm. The breathing exercise we did that night really helped me to feel more rejuvenated before having to give a tuina session. I also slept great that night. Thank for providing such a beautiful place to reboot! – Mia Davis

Melissa evaluated my Storm Preparedness Class. While she listened to my overview by phone, she actually showed up for the class and stayed through til the end. Working with her, I gained valuable insights and new perspectives, which made my class better. I appreciate how she’s able to articulate her ideas and thoughts clearly. – James Hetem, Certified Firearms Instructor, Emergency Preparedness Advocate, Watchung, NJ

Melissa has helped me navigate a few conflicts in my life, both personal and professional.  I always feel listened to when I come to her with a problem/issue/concern; she asks excellent questions that make me examine the dynamics at hand (re: the other person AND myself) and always leave with a variety of suggestions and possible next moves to take action. I love that she’s always thinking/creating/building in regards to her own life, career and community.  I love that she’s kind, warm, honest and a good friend.  I love that Melissa speaks her mind and invites others to do the same.  I love that she is a deep thinker and delivers what she promises. – Marian Isel Barragan, Marian Isel Wellness


Melissa is honestly a very bright person.  I’m able to engage her in a variety of discussions.  It is a rare for me to talk to someone that I can learn from, but Melissa is a wealth of information for me and constantly engages me and keeps me stimulated.  I am able to talk to her for hours at a time. Melissa takes her knowledge seriously and if she doesn’t know something about a given product she will take the time to research it and be earnest about getting back with an answer.  I’m impressed that Melissa knows so much about the origins of her work. – Lee, musician,, Argentina


I am always amazed at how creative Melissa’s mind is. She is full of new ideas and passionate about so many different areas of the wellness field. However, she is not a jack of all trades, but a master of these areas! Every time I speak with her, I am sparked to create something new for my business. I just added a new niche, clutter coaching, to my health coaching business. Melissa’s mentioned her move towards minimalism in her life and it sparked a buried desire in me. She is a veritable fountain of ideas.  – Hakikah Shamsiden, Shamsiden Coaching

I was doing a friend a favor in helping them to put their food blog together and realized there is much more to WordPress than I thought. I reached out to Melissa for help because I loved how she designed her sites. I was amazed at her high level of tech knowledge in helping me to understand how to get thru the intricate details of getting my friend’s blog up and going. She provided me with more than I expected and I walked away feeling like I had the tools to get the job done, AND I DID GET THE JOB DONE!

My friend loved the blog and I was able to not feel frustrated with the whole process because of Melissa’s support. I shared my general ideas of what I was looking to do and she provided the map to get me to the destination I desired. Thanks Melissa for your brillance! – Simone Turner, Women’s Health Coach