Below are my favorite recommendations that have helped me reimagine motherhood, maintain optimal health, and build several income streams.

Also listed are practitioners, products, services, and trainings to help you on your menstruation, motherhood, and money journey.

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HoopYogini's Foundations and Flow

Foundations & Flow

My favorite embodiment practice that reminds me of my childhood while also connecting me to my sensuality and mindfulness.

Supa Mega Greens

Supa Mega Greens

This is my go-to booster ingredient for my smoothies and juices. This blend of nutrient dense greens supports immunity, digestion, and energy.



Microgreens are the perfect introduction to growing your own veggies, indoors and hydroponically to boot! If you’ve been looking for a minimalist, no fuss way to start a garden and increase your greens intake, this is for you.

Advanced Performance Stack

If you’ve ever felt too tired to work out or too sore to work out again the next day, the advanced performance stack is for you.