Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, heavy periods, weight gain in your belly, incontinence, stray hairs growing on your chin, neck, and chest — is this really what you have to look forward to as menopause approaches?

You don’t have to! 

If you’re a woman over 35 who

  • is not on hormonal birth control
  • would like to come off hormonal birth control
  • wants to learn how to use food, movement, rest, and creativity to balance your hormones
  • wants to become the wildest and juiciest version of yourself

Perimenopause Coaching with Melissa Danielle is for you! 

Menstrual Literacy 101 – Basic Overview
There are two phases of the menstrual cycle – follicular and luteal, with two subphases, menstruation at the start of the follicular phase and ovulation leading into the luteal phase. 

Ovulation is the major event of the menstrual cycle, but one can still bleed every month without ovulating. It is possible to have a symptom-free and pain-free menstrual cycle, but most will experience a variety of symptoms that include cravings, fatigue, cramping, acne, bloating, irritability, depression, anxiety, heavy or scant bleeding, spotting and bleeding between cycles, anovulation, migraines, and more.

Perimenopause is the transition period from menstruation to menopause. 

While it varies, most women begin to experience subtle changes in their menstrual cycle around 35 years of age with more obvious signs after 45. You are considered menopausal if you haven’t had an ovulatory cycle in 12 months or longer.

There’s absolutely no reason for any woman to have to go through life feeling like a victim to their menstrual cycles. You don’t have to suffer with painful periods or crazy-making symptoms. If you’d like to learn about the tools and resources available to you that can help you restore your body back to balance and make for a more pleasant transition to menopause, I invite you to join me.

Perimenopause coaching with me is offered at a monthly rate and includes

  • live group check-ins (monthly)
  • individual daily check-ins on Marco Polo (optional)
  • additional recommendations and resources

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Melissa Danielle is a coach for women over 35 navigation menstruation, motherhood, and money.  She works with women business owners contemplating motherhood, first-time moms trying to conceive with PCOS, and women looking to restore balance and harmony in their bodies and lives as they move through perimenopause. She is a health coach who has trained with Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Andrea Beaman, and others to help women become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves. 

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