Mid-Year Review #TruthAndDesireLab

Late September marks my half-way point through my personal calendar year, which is also the time of year I do my CDF check-in. This year has been one of my most challenging and Danielle LaPorte’s  Desire Map Free & Clear is just what I needed to put things into perspective. 

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Here’s my mid-year review:


Starting massage school
Making a bunch of new sisterfriends
Taking African Dance classes after 20+ years
Launching my podcast
Having the Universe trip my Ego around work + money several times (I get it,now! I hope)
Bringing all of myself into the next iteration of my business
All those juicy conversations with Stacey
Moving closer to the ocean
A support system allowing Hawaii to happen for me
Learning about Hawaii agriculture
Starting a garden
Living with a significant other for the very first time
Getting a new (to me) bike
Making a hula hoop
My relationship as spiritual practice
Holding space for M, J, S through their breakthroughs
All the new books to read, especially this one
Putting myself out there with new and bold proposals
Saying yes to my wild and juicy nature
Surrendering to my darkness
Upleveling my self-care + reestablishing clear and firm boundaries

Patterns + Input

This past year has been about expansion and growth. I’ve been stretched well beyond my comfort zone. Stacey shared that there’s been so much expansive growth around my “too muchness”.

What Really Matters

It’s been so easy for me to focus on what I don’t have right now and in those moments, and yet, look at all that happened. My experiences are a testament to all that’s possible in spite of setbacks, failures, and low moments.

What I Want to Focus On

My health
My business projects
My intimate relationship
Building community
My pleasure


During this retrospection, I discovered that I said yes to my core desired feelings a lot more often than it actually felt.

My core desired feelings are juicy,  abundant, ease, satisfied, magnetic, with a few more I keep to myself.

Find yours at melissadanielle.com/thedesiremap.


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I help high achieving women and coaches over 35 living with PCOS and perimenopause prepare their bodies, lives, and businesses for first-time motherhood.

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