TLDR: I’m a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition holding big and courageous space for women over 40 navigating menstruation, motherhood, and money. I used to be a food change agent in Brooklyn but I gave all that up to recover from burnout and make peace with my period. I now live in Hawai’i with my partner and our amazing new human.

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For those who like a good story: I’ve been a health coach since 2005. I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition with no clarity on next steps (not IIN’s fault), so I focused on what I was most interested in learning about in food, farming, and recreation. I learned about the food system working with and for the NYC Dept of Health, GrowNYC, Just Food, NOFA-NY, GFJI, American Farmland Trust, Food Culturist, NY Agri-Women, Brooklyn Food Coalition, Soul Fire Farm, Regional Access, Hudson Harvest, and a host of amazing food change agents in Brooklyn and beyond. I became an Outdoor Afro and found a new love for hiking and kayaking.

During that time, I learned how to build a community-based food project from the ground up, using the performance and outreach methods I learned from my almost ten years volunteering with The All Stars Project, Inc. While I am still passionate about asset-based community development and cooperative self-reliance, I’ve shifted my focus over to menstruation, motherhood, money (and eventually menopause). I teach what I need to learn, so when my health required that I reprioritize and refocus my attention on the parts of my life that I had been neglecting, it seemed fitting to do what I have always done, and turn that work outward.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition has been a gift that keeps on giving. I’ve returned to the foundations of my health coach training and along with additional education and training in menstrual cycle awareness, childbirth education, and full-spectrum reproductive wellness, pregnancy and postpartum support, am now centering women over 40 as they navigate menstruation, motherhood, and money.

Burnout and a constitution that could no longer handle NYC winter led me to Hawai’i, where I’ve spent the last five years going inward, healing mother wounds and reclaiming the parts of me I had to dim, push down, and shut completely off to make others comfortable.

I am an unapologetic too much woman.

I love green smoothies, chocolate, burgers, and bourbon. Most days I’m powered by orgasm, and I take my pleasure seriously.

Would you like to join me in the work?

Only a hell yes  will do.

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