The process of becoming a mother, coined by Dana Raphael, Ph.D. (1973), is a developmental passage where a woman transitions through pre-conception, pregnancy and birth, surrogacy or adoption, to the postnatal period and beyond. The exact length of matrescence is individual, recurs with each child, and may arguably last a lifetime! The scope of the changes encompass multiple domains –bio-psycho-social-political-spiritual– and can be likened to the developmental push of adolescence. Increased attention to mothers has spurred new findings, from neuroscience to economics, and supports the rationale for a new field of study known as matrescence. Such an arena would allow the roundtable of specialists to come together and advance our understanding of this life passage.- Aurélie Athan, Ph.D.

Matrescence coaching with me encompasses the full  of motherhood, including fertility and conception (physiologic and assisted), pregnancy and postpartum, adoption and surrogacy as well as abortion, pregnancy, and infant loss. In addition to facilitating an informed and satisfying birth outcome, I am committed to fostering a strong sense of agency, identity, connection, creativity, intimacy, community, and financial security on the path to motherhood. 

I bring a dynamic balance of nurture and rigorous honesty to help you through one of the most powerful, difficult, and life-changing moments of your life. You are not a mother until you become one, and you deserve to feel held, supported, informed, empowered, and satisfied every step of the way.

I support my clients during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, as well as adoption, surrogacy, and loss with a special interest in supporting first-time moms over 35 with PCOS, and helping moms set themselves up financially so that money is rarely an issue. 

Building community — networks of social, medical, and nonmedical professional support — is essential to maintaining your overall health and well-being. Together, we will work with your partner(s), family, friends, medical and other support systems to ensure there are no gaps in your care.

How to work with me

I offer 1:1 support for twelve months and monthly group coaching. I invite you to book a single 1:1 session to get a sense of what it’s like to work with me and decide if you’d like to continue privately or in the group setting.

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