We (Black women) need to stop acting like we don’t need (more) money.

Money might not be everything, but it’s right up there with air and water.

Black women have tried to be anti-capitalist for years, at the expense of their health, creativity, and earning potential.

Movements have been essential to creating change, but they’ve always been powered by Money.

And you actually can’t quit capitalism without the capital needed to opt-out of the system.

So let’s be honest about what money is: it is a tool that you can use to create impact in your life and the lives of others.

And you don’t have to lose your soul to build and enjoy (generational) wealth.

In fact, it’s been well documented that women with wealth are more likely to contribute more financially to their communities and at large versus their male counterparts.

You need money to

  • maintain optimal health
  • secure food and housing
  • raise children
  • grow your business
  • give back to your community

But you also need to

  • unlearn whatever messages you learned or experienced growing up around money
  • let go of the idea that money is evil (money is a social construct, it’s not even real!)
  • believe that you deserve to fill at ease and in flow in your life
  • believe that you deserve comfort (and luxury if you’re about that life!)
  • open yourself to receiving abundance

It’s time to get real about money and build wealth so that you can uplevel your life and make an impact on the issues that matter to you!

I’m not a financial advisor, but I understand that we can’t get ahead in this world if we’re not willing to transform our relationship with money. Here’s how to make money and impact:

Please do your due diligence and trust your inner wisdom when making financial decisions. Start where you are, take your time, and do more as you learn more and earn more. Everything isn’t for everyone. Take what you need and leave the rest.

  1. Learn how money works
  2. Learn how investing works
  3. Sign up for the Make Money Moves Challenge
  4. Learn how to build multiple streams of income
  5. Raise your credit score with a Self loan
  6. Negotiate a higher salary/benefits package
  7. Ask for a raise (you’re underearning, boo!)
  8. Negotiate a higher severance package
  9. Prioritize your health (because what good is wealth without health?!)
  10. Work on your money mindset
  11. Listen to podcasts about money
  12. Recite affirmations about money and abundance
  13. Take yourself on money dates
  14. Commit to personal growth and development
  15. Surround yourself with people who are growth-minded
  16. Be grateful for what you already have
  17. Donate $5+ every month to a cause or individual (artist, politician, etc) that is aligned with your values
  18. Raise your fees (you can save the world after you fill your own cup first)
  19. Read books about money written by women
  20. Follow @rachelrodgersesq, @thebudgetnista, @the_moneynista
  21. Get a financial planner
  22. Pay down your debt
  23. Get an accountant
  24. Heal your relationship with money (aka go to therapy!)
  25. Open a high-yield savings account
  26. Open a Roth IRA
  27. Create an emergency fund (a minimum of $1,000; put it in a high yield savings account!)
  28. Invest in a whole life insurance policy (and become your own banker!)
  29. Start a susu with your circle of friends (ask ya mamanem about this)
  30. Start an investment circle with your circle of friends
  31. Monetize your ideas, experience, and skills on Fiverr, Youtube and/or Fanbase
  32. Start a side hustle
  33. Own part of the companies you spend all your money with
  34. Research alternatives to extractive capitalism
  35. Invest in multifamily real estate
  36. Invest in commercial real estate
  37. Invest in REITs
  38. Invest in Black Farmers and Black Women-Owned Businesses
  39. Invest in artwork
  40. Start a worker-owned cooperative business
  41. Stop listening to money experts that tell you to live below your means and start listening to the ones that offer ways to increase your income
  42. Share this list with your relatives and friends so that you can all make money and impact together

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