Join Oahu Mothercircle

Oahu Mothercircle is a 12-month community maternal wellness and support membership for those on the spectrum of contemplation, conception, pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, and postpartum. As a health coach and full spectrum doula, I support my clients in having the healthiest, strongest, and most empowered experience possible.

Membership to Oahu Mothercircle has three payment options

  • $600 paid in full
  • 12 monthly payments of $60
  • $75 drop-in

The next session of Oahu Mothercircle is May 15, 2021 at 11amHST.

***For a limited time, annual membership is 25% off*. Click here to pay $450 in full (add your email in “for”) or text Melissa at 347-927-2855 to set up the payment plan***

*Membership will renew at the original price.

Sessions are held once a month, alternating days to accommodate as many member schedules as possible, and are hosted online (sessions will not be recorded).  Members will have access to a private, online community, and email support from me. Additional sessions may be added at no extra cost.
You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and submit any questions you have before the sessions begin. You will also receive access to me via email and in the private community for additional support.
Session topics can cover
  • Private, online community
  • menstrual cycle awareness
  • fertility and menstrual health care
  • pleasureable movement
  • sex and intimacy
  • PCOS and period repair
  • health and fitness coaching
  • postpartum meal planning and prep
  • preparing your body and life for conception, pregnancy, and postpartum
  • nonmedical emotional and physical support
  • pregnancy and infant loss support (abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth)
  • breathwork
  • learning comfort measures for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
  • building your medical and nonmedical support team
  • establishing systems and support for household management, childcare, and the transition to and from maternity leave
  • resources and strategies to increase income in preparation for conception,  pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting
  • Additional support via email and text.

On-call labor support and personalized postpartum care is not offered in this program, but can be included as an add-on at an additional cost. On-call labor support is only available to Kailua residents at this time.

You do not need to live on Oahu to join Oahu Mothercircle.


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Start a Garden

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Diastasis Recti

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On-call Labor and Postpartum Support

On-call labor and postpartum support is available for Kailua residents only at an additional charge.