Honeybee Wellness Club is a membership based community for women over 35 who would like support with

  • balancing hormones to reduce and possibly eliminate PMS and painful periods

  • improving your overall health and fertility so that you can come off medications, feel good in your body at any size, and conceive naturally

  • planning every stage of your pregnancy from conception to postpartum

  • creating a personalized and comprehensive plan of care, which includes nutrition, physical activity, and working with other health and wellness practitioners

The monthly membership is 99 dollars a month and includes 

  • monthly group coaching calls and workshops hosted by me and my network of health coaches and practitioners / calls are recorded and will be made available to you (you can submit your questions in advance if you’re unable to make a call)

  • additional support via email

  • private online community

  • quarterly, in-person gatherings (transportation and lodging not included)

  • exclusive member perks, and more

So that I can honor the time and investment you’ve entrusted to me, I invite you to spend some time on this page. My intention is to get right down to the business of healing and activation, and I can’t do that if you’re distracted by purposelessness and the stuff going on with your body.

Click here to become a member

Monthly Membership is at will and

  • open to 40 women at a time; when that number is reached, membership will close until spots become available

  • billed monthly at 99 dollars; you can join when the window is open and maintain your membership for as long as you need us

  • is nonrefundable



Here are a few that have come up.

Are you a licensed medical professional?

Great question! I am not, but as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with training from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and additional trainings in women’s health, I can assist you in making the best decisions for the plan of care you desire.  My team members are also graduates of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with additional training from the Integrative Women’s Health Insitute

The information and resources I share are intended for informational and educational purposes, and is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.  As needed, I will direct you to the appropriate healthcare professional to further support you in reaching your desired health and wellness outcome.

Why women over 35?

Women in this age group may not be consciously aware of their unique needs and health concerns when it comes to reproductive wellness. They may have unknowingly and unwillingly made choices or have had (traumatic) experiences in the past that are preventing them from feeling good in their bodies and engaged and connected in their lives.

Women at this age may also be entering perimenopause, which needs special attention, especially if a woman wants to conceive naturally.

Are there any additional costs not mentioned here? 

Your membership fee does not cover the cost of reading materials, groceries, supplements, 1on1 sessions with me or other practitioners, transportation and lodging to/from in-person gatherings, and any recommendations for products and services made during coaching calls and assessments.

Do I have to schedule an assessment to take advantage of the membership?

No, but the coaching calls and email support is prioritized for the members who invest in the assessment. In the interest of time and the members that have invested, we are unable to offer individualized support to anyone who has not completed the initial assessment. You will however be able to ask questions and receive generalized recommendations for your health concerns.

Membership is monthly, but how long will I need to work with you before I get results?

This all depends on your current situation and what you’re trying to achieve. Some women may only need to figure out why their periods are painful and can resolve them in three months or less. Other women may have fibroids or fertility issues and may need to stay in the community for at least 6-9 months so that we can take our time with an holistic approach to care.

What kinds of results can I expect?

Your results are your own, but with clarity, consistency, and inspired action, you can expect to see results in as little as a week to up to a year or longer. The results you experience will depend on your unique factors, such as your current state of health, your environment, your finances, and your willingness and capacity to do what it takes to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

Why don’t you give refunds? 

As a high-touch service provider who continuously invests in ongoing training to support my clients as well as maintain the support I need for my health and well-being (most of what I share with my clients I do with myself), in addition to the costs of doing business, I am not able to offer refunds.

This is why I invite prospective clients to spend some time with the resources suggested on this page before investing at this level with me.

I canceled my membership and would like to rejoin. Is there anything I need to do differently?

No, but if it’s been six months or longer, you will be asked to complete a new health assessment.

Any more questions? Ask them here.