Health Coach Week 2017

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches are passionate advocates for health and happiness.

More than just practitioners, we’ve experienced our own personal journeys of transformation, reclaiming and recovering a sense of personal power that comes with healing and reconnecting to our inner wisdom.

Because we’re always working on ourselves, we demonstrate to our clients that committing to a lifestyle of health and well-being is an ongoing process that changes over time, no matter where we are in our bodies and in our lives.

Health Coaches work alongside doctors and other health practitioners, in corporate and non-profit settings, and in private practice to support their clients in making long-term sustainable changes in their lives.

Join us as we work to increase the awareness of health coaching as a critical and integral part of the healthcare system.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) helped me recover from chronic sinus allergies, painful and irregular periods, and fatigue. During that time, I used health coach training to inform my work as a community food educator, and farmers’ market manager. I’ve hosted cooking demos, farm and farmers’ market tours throughout NYS, co-led a community supported agriculture project, founded a local foods buying club, co-facilitated a neighborhood community food council, moderated and sat in on panel discussions, and so much more.

What’s possible for you?

As an Ambassador, I am available to speak with you about my training and whether or not health coaching is right for you as a career option or in helping you meet your health goals.

How to get started

Visit IIN’s website to see what they’re doing to increase awareness of the positive impact of health coaches within the healthcare system.

Click here to sample a class from the Health Coach Training Program.

Book a Coaching Conversation, where you and I will get to know each other, discuss your health concerns, and find out if health coaching with me (or another health coach I can refer you to) is the best fit for reaching your goals.

About Melissa Danielle

I help high achieving women and coaches over 35 living with PCOS and perimenopause prepare their bodies, lives, and businesses for first-time motherhood.

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