Hawaiian Mudslide Smoothie

Living in Hawaii the past four years I’ve learned a lot about the myths and assumptions the rest of the world has about Hawaii and Hawaiian people and culture. The main thing, that everyone’s eating pineapples on everything, including pizza.

They are not.

While pineapples were a mainstay in Hawaii during the 1900s, pineapples are not native to Hawaii and are no longer dominate the industry in terms of product. Today, only 2 percent of the world’s pineapples are grown in the islands.

I have successfully grown a pineapple with another on the way. They take a ridiculously long time to grow but it’s exciting to see watch the many stages of development.

When I first started drinking green smoothies, pineapple was my go-to fruit. It made every recipe more palatable and easier to join the green smoothie revolution. I currently drink the Power Greens boost in pineapple and orange pineapple juices and the greens flavor really mellows out.


1 cup unsweetened coconut milk beverage

1 cup ice

1 scoop Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology

1 scoop Power Greens Boost

½ cup unsweetened frozen pineapple

Source: Hawaiian Mudslide Shakeology | The Beachbody Blog



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