Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit

I’m Melissa Danielle, Integrative Nutrition and Women’s Health Coach, Full Spectrum Doula, soon to be Licensed Massage Therapist, and all-around woman inviting those considering, expecting, and postpartum to imagine an embodied and integrated approach to making babies and entering motherhood.

I primarily support women over 35 with PCOS trying to conceive with

  • preconception health that includes reversing PCOS symptoms and boosting health
  • ensuring you and your partner (if you have one) are on the same page regarding birth outcomes and postpartum
  • communicating your concerns and desires with your doctor and/or midwife
  • choosing the foods and supplements that will help you feel your best
  • establishing birth and postpartum preferences
  • identifying additional professional support, i.e. physical therapy, mental health
  • creating mindful movement practices
  • setting up your home environment
  • building your support network
  • money matters
  • and more

I have received health coach training from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training from Kundalini Research Institute/3HO, Labor Doula and Childbirth Education from CAPPA/ I am currently studying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, and I invest in continuous learning and professional development opportunities to stay current with evidence-based methods of care and provide my clients with a high level of service.

My Doula Bookshelf

Motherbaby Wellness with Integrative Women’s Health Coach and Full Spectrum Doula Melissa Danielle

I offer full spectrum support for those considering, expecting, postpartum, and parenting. I provide labor support for expectants in Hawaii and New York (August-October). 

I am currently booking for 2019. 

Give me a call at 347-927-2855 to schedule a time to talk and find out if we’re a good fit.  For support in a group setting, I invite you to join my Mothercircle, where you can learn more about my approach to holistic motherbaby care.

How to work with me

  • Consultation
    We’ll spend 30-45 minutes discussing your desires and goals for your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. It is recommended that you meet with at least two other doulas before choosing your birth partner. Should we decide to work together, you’ll submit our wellness program and doula agreement within two weeks along with your deposit. You’ll then enroll in the Childbirth Education and Preparation course of your choosing and our sessions will commence shortly after.
  • Childbirth Education and Preparation
    As your birth partner, my desire is for you to have the most informed and prepared pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, no matter your preferences or outcome. My clients are required to complete a childbirth education and preparation course as a condition of working with me. I recommend Birthing Better or Pain to Power Childbirth, and you are also welcome to choose the course that most resonates with you.
  • Motherbaby Wellness, Childbirth, and Postpartum Support — 12 Months

    Education, guidance, and support includes 2 sessions a month (a combination of private, group, in-person and/or virtual), on-call for weeks 36-41, and 40 hours of postpartum support for the first three months after giving birth. One year’s membership to the Motherworthlove Mothercircle.

    • Why 12 months?
      A lot of newborn parents are sent home or left at home with a newborn and little idea of what’s to come. The Doula in Paradise Motherbaby Wellness model goes beyond basic doula support to provide continuity of care, guidance, and resources as you transition into life with a newborn and parenting.
    • During our time together, we will:
      • Establish your preferences for birth and postpartum
      • Consult with a financial planner to learn about ways to save money, insurance products, and recoup lost income during parental leave
      • Learn which foods and supplements will best meet your nutrition needs and help with any symptoms that may arise
      • Integrate physical activity into your daily routine
      • Spend time with other parents to build strong networks of support
      • Practice comfort measures and coping techniques we will use during labor and childbirth
      • Prepare your home environment for life with a newborn
      • Address any issues that may affect your birth and postpartum preferences
      • Figure out the best ways to handle well-meaning and/or difficult parents, relatives, and friends
      • Plan for additional support such as child and pet care, meal planning, housekeeping, errands, and other day-to-day needs
      • Explore new ways to connect with your partner (if you have one) on an intimate level
      • Meet with my backup doula(s) so that you can become comfortable with them in the event I am unable to attend your birth
      • Build an extended team of professional support, including but not limited to wellness practitioners (yoga, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc) perinatal mental health, lactation specialists, and others as deemed necessary
    • Payment Terms
      A deposit of $500 is due within 7 days of our consultation to hold your birthdate, with the balance of your investment due on or before you give birth. Pay in full and save 25%.
  • Basic Childbirth & Postpartum
    You will receive comprehensive, non-medical professional, emotional, and physical support as you prepare for childbirth and postpartum, which includes

    • 3 prenatal sessions
    • on call for weeks 36-41
    • 3, four-hour postpartum visits
    • support as needed via phone and email
    • 12 months’ membership to the Motherworthlove Mothercircle
  • Community Doula Circle
    $600 per expectant
    This is a group maternal support program for six expectants. You will receive comprehensive, non-medical professional, emotional, and physical support as you prepare for childbirth and postpartum, which includes

    • 3 group prenatal sessions
    • on call for weeks 36-41
    • 2, four-hour postpartum visits
    • support as needed via phone and email
    • 6 months’ membership to the Motherworthlove Mothercircle

Ready to get started? Give me a call at 347-927-2855 to schedule a time to meet in person or via video conferencing.


Refunds are not given. As a health coach and full spectrum doula, I am trained to support whatever outcome you experience.

What Does a Doula Do?

Doulas offer professional nonmedical support, guidance, and companionship throughout the pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum journey. They may or may not have additional training in childbirth education and lactation. They may also work as nurses, physical therapists, movement specialists, wellness practitioners, bodyworkers, herbalists, chefs, teachers, admin assistants, and so on. They may or may not have children of their own.

Support and pricing will vary based on the training, experience, and personal preference of the doula you’re going to work with.

Do You Need a Doula?

Doulas are becoming more popular and evidence is growing to demonstrate their value in increasing positive outcomes for moms throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. If you have a strong and prepared support system, a doula may not be necessary. You might be considering hiring a doula for the first time or have had one for all of your births. Just as there’s no one way to give birth, there’s no one way to doula. I invite you to reach out to at least three doulas as you are considering your needs and choices in childbirth. When choosing a doula, you’ll want to make sure their values are aligned with yours and that they fully support the childbirth and postpartum experience you desire. Please do your due diligence and exercise personal wisdom before making the investment.

Why I became a Doula & Birth Support Professional

If you’re reading this, chances are you have access to comprehensive reproductive health and childbirth education, but don’t know which to choose, and maybe you’re not even sure that you need it. I believe that a lot of the unfulfilling aspects of parenthood are borne out of unclear expectations, minimal to no communication between partners, not having a supportive community, and lack of preparedness for the things we can control (to a degree), such as our health, finances, and environment. As a doula, I aim to demonstrate the very same level of care and commitment I want to receive if/when I decide to become a parent.

More and more women are working outside of the home, pursuing advanced degrees, building successful businesses, and having babies with and without committed partners and relationships. Yet most remain disconnected and willfully resistant to consciously creating the experience they envision. A lot of people plan for their weddings, but they don’t prepare for their marriage. When they want to buy a house, they will spend months and years cleaning up their credit, paying off debt, and finding new ways to save money. They buy the house and then find themselves pressured to keep jobs they may not like to pay the mortgage and manage the responsibilities of home ownership.

The same happens with becoming parents. They plan for the birth they want, but do not prepare for the birth they may actually have. They give little thought to and make little preparation for their preconception health, pregnancy and postpartum. They make baby registries and lists of all the things they want in their nursery, but they don’t prepare for what comes after the baby comes home, such as sleep deprivation, loss of intimacy and sexual desire, who’s going to take over the primary housekeeping responsibilities, walk the dog, help out when you need to sleep or just need a break, and/or unexpected financial expenditures.

Many hopefuls and expectants don’t spend time with other parents to get a real look at what life will be like. They assume it will be different, even though they’re not doing anything differently in their own lives. Most have never babysat, let alone held an infant before the birth of their own child. And while we love to say, “it takes a village to raise a child”, few actually do the work of creating the intentional social and support networks they’ll need to carry them through this journey.

And they’re doing all of this expecting some kind of maternal instinct to kick in eventually. When it doesn’t, when they don’t have the pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience they expected, they internalize the disappointment as failure and trauma. This is the opposite of what most people desire for motherhood, and am using my role as a health coach and doula to facilitate a new way of thinking and being about parenthood .