Doubling Down May Be Why We’re All Burnt Out

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Double Down is the book I wish someone would have gifted me when I graduated from high school. It would have given me much more focus and perspective on how to maximize my time in college, my internship and early employment experiences, and building professional and platonic relationships. Twenty years later, however, as my life has pivoted from career-driven aspirations to a more holistic approach to work and life, it was hard to align with the sisters’ sacrifices in the name of success.

While the sisters are accomplished and successful in their careers, I wondered what impact this had on their health, friendships, and romantic relationships. In a time when it’s extremely challenging for highly educated and career focused women to balance these goals with their desires for fulfilling relationships, I am curious to know if this is a lifestyle and pace that today’s young women want to keep up with, as more and more young professionals are choosing alternative paths to career success, whether launching startups or ditching traditional employment to work and travel as digital nomads. 

There are a lot of takeaways from Double Down that makes the book worth reading, but the overarching theme feels a bit outdated for the times.

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