DNA Can Now Be Used For Diet & Lifestyle Prescriptions

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Remember when computers came out years ago? You may not know this but the science of computers was around for nearly thirty years before we got to see or touch one. Big and clunky and taking up a lot of space on a desk (or even a whole room), it’s amazing how far they’ve come today. And we all own one.

The new science of genetic testing, genomics and nutritional genomics is now over 30 years old yet info about DNA is just now popping up everywhere.

Are you curious about your own DNA?

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For thirty years, health practitioner Donna Gates has been teaching (to tens of thousands of people!) that we are all unique — there is no one diet or lifestyle that fits all! While you’d think it would be simple enough to understand this, the world still bounces from one diet to the next, hoping that one finally fits.

Six years ago, Donna was listening to an interview between Drs. Jeffery Bland and Ruth Debusk and learned that the fields of genomics and nutritional genomics were far more developed than she realized — irrevocable proof that we are all unique and why a “one size fit’s all” diet, exercise program or lifestyle never works!

Of course, she was hooked, even says in that moment she was “bitten by the gene bug,” so to speak.

Learning as much as she could over the next six years — about a field developing at the speed of light — Donna began connecting with more and more experts in this field. And now, they have joined together to bring you the latest cutting-edge information about what’s hidden in our DNA during The Genius of Your Genes Summit.

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For many, it could clear up the mystery about why they cannot get well, no matter what they’ve tried to do!

There’s SO MUCH we can now learn from looking at our DNA, such as:

  • Risks for chronic and acute diseases
  • The optimal diet for your unique body
  • How effective are your detox pathways
  • Your risk for infertility, hormone imbalances and weight gain
  • Insight on how to prevent cancer
  • Clues to prevent accelerated aging (even regenerating your DNA)
  • And much more!

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