Current Projects

I support women over 40 with

    • Menstruation. Periods are for more than pregnancy and fertility is much more than about making babies. My workshops and 1on1 session help women make peace with their periods, my 10-month coaching offer helps them reclaim their power and pleasure.


    • Motherhood.  Women have always held space for other women during pregnancy and postpartum. It’s unfortunate that we have to pay for most of it now, but until all women have this knowledge, I offer full-spectrum support during conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and everything in between.


    • Money. The two-parent nuclear family model in which women are asked to self-sacrifice their identities, dreams, and bodies to perpetuate the species and fulfill their duties as a women is sham. I am liberating women from the motherhood trap that keeps them underearning, overworked, and depleted by guiding them to the financial literacy resources they need to help them thrive.


What else?

    • I briought my love of meditation, smoothies, dancing, and HIIT workouts together my online wellness club.



    • The Mamas Talk Money Summit is an amazing gathering of women getting their mind and money right so that they can show up fully for themselves and their families. Check it out through my referral link.


    • In 2017 I set an ambitious goal to podcast five days a week. I almost made it with just over 100 episodes. I’m working on a relaunch, but in the meantime, you can check it out the first season here.


    • I’m finishing up two online birthworker trainings and am currently enrolled in a community healthworker course.


    • I have plans to expand my garden and get back into emergency planning and preparedness.