When I began integrating birthwork into my coaching, I talked with a lot of moms about their experiences. In every conversation, there was always a topic that a mom wished she had known or wished someone had told her.

This can be tricky, because you don’t want to overwhelm with information or unload negative experiences onto a new mama.

But when you know who you are and how you are, you can set yourself up with the tools, resources, and community needed so that there is more ease (it will never be easy!), resilience, joy, and pleasure throughout the experience. What’s more, you’ll be able to pass along what you’ve learned to other moms on their journey.

The same energy we give to planning for college, applying to and interviewing for jobs, buying a car or home, and/or planning a wedding is the same energy we can give to preparing for motherhood.

Does it mean you’ll be prepared for everything?

Of course not.

But when you get your body, mind, and money right for motherhood, you will be more likely to make decisions from an informed and empowered place instead of from a place of fear, anxiety, survival, assumed regret, and/or nervous system dysregulation.

Why Contemplate Motherhood?

Motherhood isn’t something that should be forced upon women simply because of “biological destiny”, societal expectations, or not knowing that ovulation occurred around the time of sexual intercourse. It should always be a choice and one to be respected no matter the outcome.


Maybe, you have a strained relationship with your own mother, were adopted, or have no mother at all.

Maybe, you want to finish school, travel more, finish a creative project, or hit a major milestone in your life or career.

Maybe, you’re concerned about your age. 

Maybe, you’re worried about the quality of your past and current romantic relationships, or lack thereof.

Maybe, you have a serious health concern,  mental, physical, or medical condition that could hinder your full expression of motherhood.

Maybe, you don’t have consistent access to comprehensive healthcare.

Maybe, you’re working through trauma. 

Maybe, you’re concerned about money. 

Maybe, you’re worried that you won’t be a good mother.

Whatever is showing up for you, Contemplating Motherhood invites you to tap into your deepest concerns, fears, and desires so that you can give yourself full permission to say yes to what is really true for you.

You’ll do this by 

  • uncovering your personal mission and core desires through writing prompts
  • watching videos and reading essays and books on motherhood
  • instigating conversations with family, friends, and social media connections
  • engaging in community building activities
  • mapping out your motherhood journey (preconception planning and preparation, childbirth education, postpartum and parental leave planning)

By the end of this experience, you should have the clarity you need to make an aligned decision, and you’ll also have the tools to support other women in your network and community who are facing the same decision.

Contemplating Motherhood meets monthly for live coaching and journaling and interested participants can join our private group on Marco Polo. Also included are recommendations and resources that may require additional investments of your time and money.

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