If you’ve been living with

  • irregular or no menstrual cycles
  • PMS and period pain
  • PCOS
  • low libido
  • lack of energy and creativity
  • unexplained weight gain
  • uncertainy in your life and work

You’re in the right place.

I’m Melissa Danielle, unapologetic too much woman, women’s and maternal health coach, and professional troublemaker.

I’m here to let you know that…


your menstrual cycle does not not have to be a source of fear, shame, or pain


pleasure is your birthright


you can be both enough and too much


you can learn to chart your cycles to assess your health, fertility, and self-care needs as well as plan for or avoid pregnancy, without synthetic hormones or IUDs


you will thrive when you give yourself permission to live in your body, your truth, and your desires


creativity, fertility, orgasm, periods, pregnancy, childbirth, and money are inextricably linked

I show women how to make peace with their periods for more pleasure, power, and abundance through 1on1 coaching and online group programs.

How to work with me

I offer 1on1 and group programs for menstruating women (and women who want to be menstruating).

I only work with women who are committed to continuous personal growth. While desire and pleasure are the core of my work, you must understand that the way to fully come into your power and creativity is by diving deep into your shit so you can transform it into fertilizer.

1on1 Coaching

1on1 coaching is limited to 9 women a year and is by application and invitation. The investment to work with me is $3600 for 12 months and includes two sessions a month online or in-person plus additional support via email. Additional investments may be required.

Applications for 1on1 coaching will open in June 2020

Group Coaching

Contrary to popular belief, women thrive in community when they choose collaboration over competition. My group programs invite women to see themselves reflected in each other as they learn to tune into their body’s wisdom.

All programs are a yearlong commitment to ensure sufficient time and space to implement the work and is open to women in the childbearing year (those menstruating, pregnant, trying to conceive, and postpartum) and include menstrual cycle awareness, movement, monthly coaching calls and a private, online community.

Heart Hips Womb

Heart Hips Womb is a safe space for women of color to hold shameless conversations that help them become more turned on and tuned in to the wildest and juiciest version of themselves.

The accompanying movement practice is HoopYogini, Hula Hooping integrated with Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.

The investment is $500 paid in full or $50 a month

Enrollment for Heart Hips Womb opens June 2020

Online Fitness Programs

The following programs are open enrollment and largely self-guided, with live monthly check-ins and support via email and private, online community. Members can select from several online workouts.

Strength training has numerous benefits for women, such as improving posture, circulation, and digestion, increasing insulin sensitivity, protecting bones and reducing risk of injury, preventing heart disease, increasing libido, enhancing mood.

The investment for these programs are $99 a year and includes 700+ on demand workouts and meal plans accessible 24/7 with the option to subscribe to nutritional suppplements and workout equipment at an additional cost.

Muscle & Flow

This program is for menstruating women looking for a structured fitness program while also learning how to sync their menstrual cycles with their daily and weekly needs.

Fit, Fertile, and Free

This program supports women with PCOS who want a natural solution to reversing symptoms and restoring their menstrual cycles for overall health and/or conception.

To sign up for these programs, please call me at 347-927-2855.