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Hello Darlings!

Welcome to Community Foodworks, your 6-month community building toolkit and mentorship program. With clarity and consistent action, you’ll be able to grow a sustainable health coaching practice both in-person and online.

First up, let’s schedule your 1on1 call. During this call, we’ll assess where you are right now — what you’re doing, where you feel stuck, etc — and get you on track.

After this call, we’ll all meet by phone to go over what you’ve been working on and set up your next steps.

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Companies You May Want to Affiliate With

Affiliate relationships are a great way to grow your network and build your brand. Consider brands that you yourself use and use continuously.  Some of these brands offer generous commissions and you can build them into your coaching programs and workshops.

Vitamix / Blendtec – These high end machines are comparably priced and are pretty equal in performance and noise (loud as all get out). Whichever you choose, you can use them during cooking demos and workshops, and integrate their sales into your wellness programs and marketing. Take a look at how I use Blendtec at badassblending.us

Thrive Market – Every time you order something from Thrive Market, you can post a review about your shopping experience and specific products and invite people to sign up through your link.  As of this writing, commission is $25 per membership. 100 signups at $25 each is a nice chunk of change for sharing a link.

DoTerra – I don’t market essential oils (EOs) but I use them. You can build entire workshops around EOs and showing people how to use them in recipes, bodycare, cleaning products, jewelry, and even kids’ activities.

PlateJoy* / Plan to Eat – PlateJoy curates recipes for just about every type of diet, so if you want to help people eat a certain way without having to create recipes from scratch, send them to PlateJoy. Plan to Eat is really great in that you can enter a recipe or paste a link to a recipe from any website and it will generate a grocery list. You can also plug your recipes into a calendar and share it with anyone you’d like, including other users. I use it at badassblending.us as well.

Recommended Reading

Reading should be a regular part of your business and personal development. You don’t have to read everything, but committing to 1-2 books a month to take your business and your life further will have transformative effects on your mindset and approach to your life. Here are books that I have found incredibly helpful. If you have a book that should be on this list, please let me know.

Get Clients 101: The Essential Handbook for Coaches and Consultants This book offers a really great perspective on mindset and how to think of your coaching practice. I’m sharing it here specifically for one of the free tools she offers, the monthly income projection spreadsheet.

Traditionally, we tend to think of income as an annual number that gets broken down into pay periods. When you’re working on your own, it’s helpful to reframe that into monthly income, because it allows you a little more wiggle room. You can adjust your fees as your needs and desires change.

The Prosperous Coach This one is really for your mindset — how you value yourself as a coach and your ability to transform lives, the kind of money you can make, and how investing in yourself will grow your business. You don’t need a website or mailing list, you just need to get your mind right about what it is that you’re doing and go out there and do it.

I have so many takeaways and gems that you will hear me speak on or use. Always be coaching!

Quantum Coaching Questions Written by an IIN grad and faculty member, this book will become your go-to during health histories and as conversation starters with potential clients.

You can also turn these questions into content for your blog, podcasts, videos, and social media.

Marilena also has an online community and offers ongoing support with her Quantum Coaching Method if you want to go deeper.

The Locavore Handbook: The Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on a Budget While this book is centered on a New York City local food experience, it does have some helpful tips on how to think about eating locally and seasonally.

I met Leda Meredith just before this book was published (she’s written five so far), and she hosted private foraging tours for me for several years.

The Food Activist’s Handbook There are several projects in this book that may pique your interest that you can integrate into your health coaching practice as part of your marketing/outreach and/or something you can monetize into a workshop or program. If you see something you’d like to try, let me know and I’ll help you roll it out.

Also consider The Four Agreements, The Desire Map, The Art of Extreme Self-Care, The Big Leap, The Fire Starter Sessions, Launch Your Business, The Artist’s Way, Money: A Love Story, Beyond Happiness, Book Yourself Solid