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What If You Started Now?

Ever heard that saying, If you’re on time, you’re late? That’s how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions. A lot of people say, I’m going to do X starting January 1st, but that’s already too late! If you start a few months earlier, taking small, actionable, and realistic steps, come January 1st, you’d already have …

[FREE MINI WORKSHOP] 3 Ways to Decode Your Sugar Cravings

Are your sugar cravings getting the best of you? 

In this mini workshop (it runs just over 15 minutes), I share three ways to handle your cravings for sweets without deprivation or willpower.

Let’s have a new and different conversation about food, one where the answer is not to diet or detox in the name of being healthy, but takes a whole person approach to uncovering what we’re really hungry for. 


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What are some of your takeaways? 

Leave a comment below or email me at and I’ll send you access to my members’ only wellness library, which includes a self-guided six-month wellness program, wellness handouts, recipes, and more.

Could one conversation change your life?

Your sugar cravings are much more than what you eat. If you’d like to explore the role your relationships, work, creativity, environment, physical activity and other aspects of your life play in triggering your sugar cravings, I invite you to schedule a health history.

During this introductory session, we’ll dedicate a full hour to exploring your health concerns.  Enter your details to get started.


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