[April 6-12, 2020] Brain Degeneration Summit

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With brain disorders, we often don’t have 17 years.
Not for ourselves.
Not for our loved ones.

And it takes 17 years, on average, for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the conventional standard of care.

We can do better — we’re more connected to information in our social communities than we’ve ever before been, so let’s just go ahead and do better.

If you or a friend/family member are having a hard time remembering things — memory loss, brain fog, lack of mental clarity — I invite you to join me for Dr. Greg Eckel’s Brain Degeneration Summit.

Dr. Eckel became a health advocate after his wife, Sarieah, developed a rapidly progressing dementia, which they later found out was a very rare neurological condition called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Going through this process as a husband and physician, he experienced firsthand the lack of options patients with chronic neurodegeneration (and their caregivers) experience.

He went through the gamut of symptom discovery, a struggle to diagnosis, choosing treatment options, and not even to mention the emotional challenges that came along with supporting a loved one through a difficult time.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find a remedy for Sarieah.

But because of what they learned on their journey, Dr. Eckel became inspired to provide hope, insight and even remedies to patients worried about or struggling with brain health — he has now seen the “incurable” actually improve and resolve.

There are 9 factors that affect health. Through analyzing them you can learn the root cause of your disease — and root cause resolution is a true solution, not a bandage that covers up your symptoms (that often leads to prescriptions that require more prescriptions to cover up the side effects of first prescription).

Please, do not miss this brain health event. It’s free and online, after all!

Brain Degeneration SummitBrain Degeneration Summit

An estimated 50 million people worldwide are affected by dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease — and other chronic neurodegenerative diseases are quickly on the rise.

We now know that many issues with brain health are treatable, and even potentially curable.

When you join Dr. Eckel at his event, you’ll see his perspective rooted in participatory patient care, and his mission to empower you with the knowledge and collective wisdom to create health for yourself, no matter whether you’re healthy or dealing with a health challenge.

Dr. Eckel’s Brain Degeneration Summit will help you answer questions about:
Root causes of brain degeneration
Reversing the impacts of stress and trauma
Detox testing and protocols
Nutritional strategies for brain health
Positive approaches to dementia care
Self-care routines for caretakers
And so much more!

—>>Learn more about and optimize brain health when you attend this free, online event!

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