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Book a Workshop

Bring the Honeybee Wellness Club workshop series to your group or organization and experience a new and exciting way to feel good in your body and live well without dieting, deprivation, or willpower.

My workshops offer down-to-earth guidance on how to make the best food and lifestyle choices, regardless of your health concerns, dietary preferences, and ability. All that is required is a strong desire and commitment to create the best version of yourself.

We’ll do this together by reimagining and taking action on several core areas of your life: food, physical activity, home environment, intimacy, creativity, money, and work.  We’ll look at how each area influences the other, and work together to create a plan of action for what you’d like to improve or change altogether.

When I work with groups of 30 or fewer, I take a high touch and sometimes tough love approach to helping people get to the core of what’s holding them back.

I challenge participants to stretch themselves (literally and figuratively), tap into their desires, and take inspired action. My coaching and workshops integrate food, art, recreation, movement, improv, the spiral model, journaling, visualization, and other facilitation techniques to engage and connect participants to the work and to each other.

My favorite workshops right now are 

What is Wellness?, a mapping and visualization experience designed to help participants get a clear look at what’s working and what they would like to improve on in 12 core areas of their lives.

Badass Blending, a culinary demonstration highlighting whole foods meals that are blended to maximize nutrition and minimize food waste.

Breathe on Purpose, to make up for all the times we hold our breath and hold ourselves back from realizing our true potential. During this workshop, I’ll take you through several guided breathwork meditations for long deep breathing, relaxation, rejuvenation, and more.

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