I am IIN

The Conversation That Changed My Life

Almost twenty years ago, the Professional Health Coach Training Program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition kickstarted my career in health, wellness, and fitness.

While I was reclaiming my relationship with food and healing from chronic sinus infections, I was also learning how our food system works and building community around food, farming, and the outdoors.

I’ve hosted food events and workshops, written for print and online publications, managed farmers markets, a community supported agriculture project (CSA), and a buying club, led agritourism groups throughout New York’s Hudson Valley, coached clients through plant-based dietary transitions, and more.

Since then, I’ve added on to my training to support myself and others with hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and perimenopause, and I help women over 35 prepare their mind and bodies for conception, pregnancy, and postpartum.

If you’re passionate about health and wellness, if you’re the go-to in your family and community for all things holistic health, a career in health coaching may be right for you.

Full Disclosure: I am a student and/or graduate of most of the programs I’ve recommended below. I may also be eligible for a commission if you enroll through these links, at no additional costs to you. Students who enroll in a program through these links are invited to join my business mentoring program at no charge.

Build Your Foundation

Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

IIN offers one of the longest-running health coach trainings in the world.

To get a sense of their impact, many of the health coach training programs you see today are run by past and current visiting teachers or graduates of the program.

IIN’s core philosophy centers around primary food, the aspects of our life that nourish us off the plate. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, you’ll learn how to help people become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves by prioritizing what makes them come alive, instead of comforting themselves with food and behaviors that are out of alignment.

As a Graduate Ambassador, I am able to extend a special savings to you when you enroll. Simply apply through this link or mention my name when speaking to an Admissions Representative.

Business Development

Reach your business goals with one of these coaching business mastery programs:

Master Coaching in Action

Launch Your Coaching Business

Go Deeper

After your first 20 to 50 clients, you may find yourself wanting to offer more than just basic wellness concepts. You want to help them understand the root causes of illness and disease so that they can resolve months and years of confusion, frustration, and disconnect from their bodies.

Learn how these programs can help you serve your clients beyond food and physical activity.

New Healers Master Coaching

Quantum Coaching Method

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition


Health Coaches can work with virtually anyone, but at some point, you may be called to focus on a specific area of health and wellness.

Here are my favorite programs to help you get started:

Primal Health and Nutrition Expert

Primal Health Coach / Strength Training for Women

Period Coaching

Partner with Me

coming soon

Coach Business Mentoring for Women Health Coaches

coming soon