I conceived just as I was beginning to launch a new iteration of my coaching business – helping women over 35 prepare their bodies, lives, and money for first-time motherhood – and three months after giving birth, Covid happened, shutting off access to childcare and potential clients.

Before Covid, I was out in my community connecting with moms and moms-to-be. My business was largely word-of-mouth. During the quarantine, I didn’t want to risk getting sick or getting my family sick, so I didn’t take on clients. I was grateful that I could rely on my partner’s income and use all of that “free time” to be with my baby and recover from the pregnancy (and exclusive pumping), but I was ready to get back to work.

The sad part was, I hadn’t really planned for what that would look like.

I had done all the pregnancy and postpartum preparation, because, doula. I had friends, family, food, therapists, bodyworkers, and more all at the ready.

But I didn’t consider the same preparation for my business and it suffered. I dropped out of sight. No social posts, no networking, no recurring income.

As the months went by, I realized that I actually didn’t want to show up the way I had always been, having open availability and being everything to everyone with multiple offers.

And honestly, I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

I had changed. Becoming a mother changed me.

Motherhood requires so many adjustments, whether you like it or not.

So I worked on a new model that allows me to work less than 15 hours a week, serving women just like you.

Here are some ways that I babyproofed my coaching business:

  1. Learned how money works
  2. Built a team of financial advisors
  3. Invested in a whole life insurance policy so that I could eventually be my own bank
  4. Worked on my money mindset with the help of these books
  5. Updated my SOPs so that my business and my life has boundaries and practices that nourish growth in both areas
  6. Invested in done-for-you content to build out my course offerings
  7. Joined a health and fitness company that generates residual income for me
  8. Ramped up my affiliate marketing
  9. Hired childcare (This may be the most important thing)

Here’s what I’m working towards:

  1. Real estate investing (multi-family, land, and commercial)
  2. Growing my stock portfolio
  3. Hiring a housekeeper (next most important thing)
  4. Automating my marketing/lead generation
  5. $250,000K in annual income

Other ways to babyproof your business include:

  1. Hiring a team to manage clients, marketing, etc.
  2. Raising your prices
  3. Scaling up/down your offers
  4. Create a parental leave policy for your business

This is by no means a complete list. Every pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and parenting experience is different. Your business goals may be different.

But everyone can benefit from a plan, even if that plan has to change to accommodate unforeseen challenges. I’m sharing this in the hopes that it will inspire you to set your coaching business in a way that leaves you feeling confident to leave it on autopilot or in the capable hands of an assistant while you spend time recovering and adjusting to your new life as a mother.

I help women over 35 prepare their bodies, lives, and finances for first-time motherhood. I offer single, 90-minute sessions and 9-months of coaching for those looking for ongoing support as they transition to live with a newborn.

Whether you’re juggling all the hats in your coaching business, are looking to fund parenthood, or feel overwhelmed about your choices in childbirth, I can help.

Click here to book a quick chat to find out if we’re a good fit.

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