We really like growing with towers because of the efficiency. You can plant a variety of herbs, flowers, and plants in a centralized area with less soil and water. The planters we use can be set up indoors (with grow lights) or outside, on lanais and even on rooftops (with structural and wind considerations in mind).

With either a vermicomposting tower or an aeroponics tower (or both if you want root veggies!), you’ll have an ongoing source of nutrients because you’ll be feeding your plants with nutrition via vermicompost or a liquid mineral blend, respectively.

We are affiliates and resellers of the vertical planters below. We use them to grow our food at home and for clients, and may earn a commission on sales made through the links shared below.

Vermicomposting towers are great for those who are interested in composting with worms and can spend a little more time in their garden, as well as for those who want to minimize food waste that goes to our landfills. Note: It is illegal to order worms to be shipped to Hawai’i, and most composting worms sold online are red wigglers, which are not suitable for our climate. Please visit waikikiworm.com to order your composting worms. Visit GardenTowerProject.com to learn more about the vermicomposting tower.

Garden Tower Website

Aeroponic towers are great for those who have little to no experience growing food and for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend keeping up with a traditional garden. Visit the Tower Garden website to explore your options. Note: Hawai’i residents can not place a Tower Garden online at this time. After viewing the Tower Garden options on the Tower Garden website, click here to download the order form and email it to the address provided.

Tower Garden Website

Hawai’i Residents – The Tower Garden cannot be ordered from the website . Please click here to download the order form. If you need help, click here.

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