Container gardening is perfect for people who want to grow their own food but have limited time and space. Container gardening is also perfect for vegetables that don’t take long to grow, such as sprouts, microgreens, and salad greens. Container gardening is also great for people with limited mobility or different abilities that would make in-ground farming difficult and inaccessible.

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Indoor Container Gardening

Sprouts are the simplest to start with because you can use Mason Jars with strainer lids. You can order strainer lids and seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds. You can get Mason jars from your local grocery or thrift shop.

Microgreens are also simple to get started with. You can get started with a two tray system, one to plant your microgreens in and the other to set the tray in to drain excess water. If you want to get fancy, check out the Hamama Greens microgreens kit. Use code HAMAMA at checkout to receive a special savings.

Back to the Roots also has a number of indoor gardening options that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. You can find them on Amazon or at Target.

Outdoor Container Gardening

Outdoor container gardening includes growing fruits and vegetables in pots, hanging planters and wall planters, raised garden beds and planter boxes of various sizes, dimensions, and heights.

For the most convenience and versatility, we recommend vertical gardening as it maximizes space and resources. Click on the links below to learn more about vertical farming:

Vermicomposting vertical planter

Aeroponic vertical planter