#BreatheOnPurpose like Darth Vader (Ujjayi Pranayam)

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Ujjayi (oo-jai) breath is also known as oceanic breathing and the victorious breath. Because of the sound you make, I like to call it the Darth Vader breath.

Ujjayi is often used during Hatha practice to help maintain focus through the asana flow, during other forms of physical activity, and to also relieve tension and nervous energy.

With this breath, you’re only breathing through your nose, while slightly constricting the throat along with a root and chest lock. These locks are called bandhas, For more about bandhas, check out Yoga International’s A Beginner’s Guide to Bandhas

You may become lightheaded during this breathwork, so it’s highly suggested that you spend a few minutes in long deep breathing before you begin the Ujjayi.

#BreatheOnPurpose uses the Insight Timer.

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What If You Just Punched Him In The Face?

This episode contains explicit language. 

I’m tired of talking and reading about sexual harassment and assault and why it’s so hard for men to understand that it’s unacceptable. So I decided from here on out to explain it to them the best way they understand: Punch him in the face. 

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting the same result, then it’s time women reclaim their mental health and the (em)power(ment) that comes with pushing back and stomping down anyone and anything that would dare to treat us less than what we deserve and expect.

What my words and facial expression don’t get across my fist will make clear.

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#BreatheOnPurpose: Diaphragmatic Breathing with 90-90 Hip Lift

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Breathe on Purpose uses the Insight Timer.

Today’s breathwork exercise is modified from the Postural Restoration Institute’s 90-90 Hip Lift with Balloon.

Instructional Videos

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Are We Limiting Our Capacity to Love and be Loved?

Are we limiting our capacity to love and be loved and to even take care of ourselves economically in pursuit of The One?

What might our lives look like if we stretched ourselves outside of the constructs we’ve accepted as normal but are no longer aligning with how the world is changing? Will we continue to try to force the old systems and structures to adjust or will we find the courage to create new ones?

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Adulting: Are we doing it wrong?  Join Melissa for courageous conversations in the pursuit continuous personal growth.

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