Hello Darling! I’m Melissa Danielle, coach for self-employed women over 35 who want to make peace with PCOS, prepare for motherhood, or decide if they really want to be a mother.

I teach what I need to learn.

After years of struggling to build a health coaching business, I succumbed to burnout and moved half way across the world to recover in paradise.

I had nothing but myself to sit with every day, so I got to work on myself.

I had always been healthy, but there were issues I ignored, like my erratic menstrual cycle and my thinning hair.

While recovering, I learned I had PCOS.

My doctors offered up nothing in the way of treatment because I wasn’t trying to conceive and I didn’t want to mask my symptoms with synthetic hormones or off-label medications.

So I continued to work on myself — heal mother wounds, address the underlying cause of my symptoms, work on my relationship with money — when my partner brought up the baby question.

In my late teens and twenties the most any conversations had been about becoming a mother were about my plans to homeschool. I had never considered any preconception planning, childbirth education, etc. I just knew that if I was gonna have kids, I was gonna homeschool!

So I decided to read up on all things pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. I enrolled in several courses, joined mom groups, and caught up with my own circle of mama friends.

My biggest takeways:

Health is more than just the absence of illness or disease.

We live in a patriarchal society that puts mothers on a pedestal in a cage.

Society expects women to become mothers but lacks the systems and structures to adequately support mothers, whether they mother exclusively or remain employed.

My partner and I were woefully unprepared for parenthood.

We were not alone.

From there, I decided that whether a woman becomes a mother or not, we deserve more and we deserve better.

Women should not have to live in ignorance, fear, shame, or guilt about their bodies.

Fertility is a vital sign, an indicator of overall health.

Women deserve comprehensive healthcare.

Women who become mothers deserve a continuity of care beyond 6 weeks’ postpartum.

Women deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments regardless of motherhood status.

Money isn’t everything, but understanding how money works and how to make it work for you is important if you want to leave a legacy, regardless if you have kids or not.

I believe that you can prepare your body, life, and finances for motherhood.

And if you don’t want to become a mother, then you can set yourself for a life of optimal wellness, vitality, and financial freedom.

If you want to find out how, click here to book a mini session.

I see clients virtually and in-person on Oahu, (and soon to be California, Las Vegas, and New York!). In addition to being a trained health coach, I am a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga instructor, community food educator, licensed massage therapist, and full-spectrum doula.

I’m currently working towards completing my BFA in photography after almost twenty years.

I became a mother unexpectedly at 39.