For most women, menstrual cycles have become an illness. Period pain and other problems have been normalized, and we’ve come to accept that pain and suffering is part and parcel of having a uterus.

Women are expected to fulfill a “biological destiny” by becoming mothers within a society that doesn’t prioritize women’s healthcare, parental leave, childcare, and living wages.

Money is something most of us would love to have more of but we aren’t in right relationship with it, so it becomes something to despise.

I grew up with the message that a good education would secure a good job and set me up for retirement. My parents and other adults of their generation, while well-meaning, prepared me and my peers for a world that doesn’t exist.

You no longer have to work harder and longer to make enough or more money.

Today’s jobs are barely paying what the undergrad tuition cost, and employees are rarely rewarded for their hardwork and loyalty.

So why do we keep pushing the same lifestyle model, expecting a different result?

This is the definition of insanity.

Since 2005 I’ve been instigating conversations and building community around food, farming, sex, intimacy, money, relationships, and health.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution but one thing I know for sure is: You don’t have to do things the way they’ve already been done.

You can create more ease and flow in your life without having to work longer or harder.

I cultivated balance and healing in my life by surrendering to my truth, tapping into my body’s wisdom, healing mother wounds, and shifting my mindset about money.

I’d love to help you create your own version of health, happiness, and financial freedom.

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