How Do You Get Better at Coaching?

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My sisterfriend and fellow Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Simone Turner and I have been supporting each other’s coaching practices, personal and professional growth since 2012. When I asked her what she thought about the sentiment that coaching programs don’t teach people how to coach, here’s what she shared:

I find programs like that are focused too much on strategies instead of the real deep coaching skills it takes for coaches to help clients have transformations, because when you run outta strategies, what’s left?

You’ve paid all this money for a program that taught you strategies, but never really taught coaching and now when you hit a wall, you’re stuck with what to do and where to go to help your client.

And that creates a sense of failure and lowers one’s confidence on their abilities to truly coach their clients thru challenging situations because they are taught to rely on strategies and not the true gift of transformational coaching.

So to know what true transformational coaching looks like, you not only have to invest at a level that will yield that, but you have to invest with a coach that lives and embodies what they are teaching you as well and that their initial focus is not all about “strategies”.

After you graduate, you may feel like you don’t know enough or that you’ll need to pursue advanced or specialized training before you can feel confident in your coaching. I invite you to hold off on that and figure out how to get the most from your existing training before you make further additional investments.

With more than ten years in the health coaching profession, I’ve observed the evolution of the industry and the changes in marketing and trends around how to get clients and make money coaching.

Your health coaching practice is unique to your personal and professional desires, so don’t compare what you’re doing or want to be doing with what others are doing.

Your Professional Health Coach Training Program provided you with a turnkey business model designed to help you start health coaching, but what if you don’t want to be self-employed? What happens next?

What were your takeaways? 

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