If You're Telling Me to Eat This and Not That, It's a Diet!

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I received a copy of Eat Fat, Get Fit for free in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.

My biggest challenge with deciding to stay in Hawaii after giving it a trial run two winters ago was what to do about my books. Everyone’s all, just buy them again. OK, but I still need to do something with the actual books I left in Brooklyn. I also don’t want to buy them up again. Most of them I got for free or bought them used, and I feel like it’ll cost the same to buy them as to having them shipped to me. I packed them up in the pre-paid post office boxes last November and I’m still waiting for them.

In the meantime, I soothe my anguish with my Kindle unlimited subscription along with the books I get to read for free in exchange for honest reviews. I plan on getting a library card, but since I don’t know how to return books on time, paying for a Kindle subscription is the same as paying all those fines to the Brooklyn Public Library over the years. Either way, it’s all been worth it.

There’s a growing trend in online business marketing where instead of or in addition to creating newsletter optins and webinars, you write an ebook to build your audience. While you’re offering value in the ebook, the goal is to get people on your site and investing with you at a significantly higher level. While I’m curious as to how someone goes from buying an ebook for 2.99 to investing ten times that much in a program, ebooks are a smart marketing move for online business owners who want to grow their audience. Published authors have more credibility, even if they self-publish.

The book I’m going to talk about today is one of those books.

If you’re a health coach or wellness practitioner and would like to write a book to grow your business, check out fellow IIN grad, digital content creator, and Facebook ad strategist Halona Black’s Planning, Writing, and Publishing Business Building Ebooks: Business Owner’s Smart & Simple Series


Adulting: Are we doing it wrong? Mondays with Melissa is an ongoing conversation about adulthood and the continuous pursuit of personal growth.

Melissa’s working it out in real time, and some of it won’t be pretty.

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