You're Growing Older, But Are You Growing Up?

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This episode contains strong language and content for grown ups. 

Where have all the grown-ups gone? It’s 2017 and adults still don’t want to grow up in all the ways that would make them better humans, and actually feel better in their bodies and in their lives. Like knowing how to cook something other than ramen noodles and frozen pizza, maintaining a chore schedule, being financially responsible, communicating openly and honestly, being able to talk about body parts, sex, and bodily functions using proper terminology, and what to do with your shit when you die.

C’mon people. Let’s get it together. (Your) children are watching.


Adulting: Are we doing it wrong? Mondays with Melissa is an ongoing conversation about adulthood and the continuous pursuit of personal growth.

Melissa’s working it out in real time, and some of it won’t be pretty.

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About Melissa Danielle

I help high achieving women and coaches over 35 living with PCOS and perimenopause prepare their bodies, lives, and businesses for first-time motherhood.

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