Are We Putting Our Daughters' Emotional and Physical Health in Danger By Not Teaching Them About Sex?

We know how irrational it is to pretend that by not talking about something awkward or uncomfortable, it will go away and we won’t have to deal with it, so why do we do this when it comes to talking to our kids about sex?

What might sex, sexuality, gender expression, pregnancy, abortion, sexual abuse/assault and rape look like if we had more open and honest conversations about these topics with each other and with our children as soon as they learn to talk?

What might our world look like if women had the body awareness and agency to defend themselves against unwanted sexual advances?

In this conversation with Robin LaCross, I intersect the nuances of culture and communication when talking about sex and its outcomes.

Robin LaCross is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women’s reproductive health. She has been teaching natural birth control methods for over 25 years because she is passionate about making sure every young woman grows up knowing and understanding her body and cycle. Robin is on a mission to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of STDs in the world by changing the way mothers talk to their children about growing up, sex and staying safe.

Robin is the founder of The HPV Education Project to raise awareness about the virus, new advances in HPV testing and holistic methods of promoting cervical health. Armed with a holistic approach coupled with the latest advances in technology, she is empowering individuals to protect themselves against HPV.

Robin currently lives in Tucson, Arizona and works with women all over the world helping them to acquire the knowledge, tools and skills needed to create greater reproductive health and well‐being.

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