Can a Career Coach Help You Grow Your Health Coaching Practice?

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When I launched Grow Yourself, Grow Your Health Coaching Practice, I wanted to create a space for conversations I felt were missing from the larger conversations graduates were having about their coaching experience. So much of the conversation centered around getting clients and making money, which is fine, because that’s what you went to school for.

But there weren’t enough conversations around personal or career development, the other pieces of doing this work that doesn’t have anything to do with getting clients and making money but is about setting yourself up for success.

So when I went through Aileen Axtmayer of‘s website and talked with her on yesterday’s episode of Green Smoothies, Chocolate, and Bacon, I realized her work was the missing link. In addition to working as a career coach for over a decade, Aileen is also a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This combination, along with her Yoga certification, uniquely positions her as the holistic go-to not just for career growth, but for your whole life.

I’m not a business coach and don’t want to be mistaken for one, but I do want health coaches to be successful in their businesses on their own terms. And I believe that one way to get there is through continuous personal development and growth.

If you’re feeling like you don’t know which way to go or grow as a health coach, I invite you to check out Aileen’s website to see which of her offers is right for you.

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