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Growing up, the kitchen (and food) was central to socialization and bringing people together. Cookouts, repasts, block association meetings, block parties, holidays, you name it, there was a spread. And we’re not talking pupus, but get yourself a plate and help yourself to summadis food.

When people stopped by, they sat in the kitchen to talk story, as opposed to the living room. My hair was washed, pressed, and braided in the kitchen.  Today, while I don’t consider myself a foodie, I love learning and talking about foodways and food cultures.

CherylAnn and her partner Kent are hosting a culinary tour to Bucerias, Mexico this December 3-8, 2017.  

Learn to create delectable, local, Mexican favorites. Five nights and six days of hospitality, relaxation, site-seeing, cooking classes, and good food and drink.

Casa de la Reyna is located in Bucerias, a quaint, fishing village about 20 km north of Puerto Vallarta. Price includes lodging on the ocean with swimming pool, cooking classes, off-site tour, breakfast, additional daily meal and snacks, evening happy hour, and enough free time so you can completely unwind.

Click here to learn more and book your spot. 

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