Unpacking the Pleasure Principle

Diary of a Too Much Woman is intended for mature audiences. 

Sigmund Freud coined the term “the pleasure principle” to characterize the human tendency to choose pleasure over pain at all costs. In this episode, Aurianna Joy, Pleasure and Prosperity Coach, touches on the importance of being present in your relationships and your day-to-day,  the role discomfort plays in bringing you closer to or away from the experiences that give you pleasure, and how making space for pleasure, including unstructured time, is the most powerful way to honor the Divine Feminine within you.

Aurianna combines over 10 years in the world of personal development along with deep personal studies of yoga, meditation, shamanism, and tantra to support her clients in creating more ease and flow in their life and business.  Learn more about her work at auriannajoy.com, and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram

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