How to Be All The Things

Long before we became civilized, long before we began trading our time and labor for dollars, we did all the things to ensure our survival and maintain our livelihood. Technology and commerce have allowed us to outsource everything from our basic needs to our entertainment, so it’s normal for people to think it strange for you to want to be and do stuff, like learn new things, travel, or start a daily podcast.

This is an episode I thought I’d record much, much later on in my podcasting journey. But since it came up, I thought I’d speak on it now, as I can always revisit it later.


Barbara Sher / Refuse to Choose

Emilie Wapnick / How to Be Everything

Steve Hardy / The Creative Generalist [pdf]

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Adulting: Are we doing it wrong? Mondays with Melissa is an ongoing conversation about the continuous pursuit of personal growth. Melissa’s working it out in real time, and some of it won’t be pretty.

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