I’m Melissa Danielle, coach, disruptor, and creative badass.

Welcome to my online home!

Since 2005, I’ve built community around food and wellness as a health coach and local food advocate via #NYLocavore, Bed-Stuy Farm Share, and Bed-Stuy Bounty.

I moved to Hawaii in 2015 and am now facilitating shameless conversations on truth and desire as I support women on their conception, pregnancy, and creative journeys.

I’m committed to helping women over 35 become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves. If you want to create a new vision of womanhood in community,  I’d love for you to join me!

Current Opportunities

I work with clients 1on1 and in groups for up to 12 months in as a women’s health coach, full spectrum doula, and mentor. If you are trying to conceive with PCOS, are pregnant, or in the postpartum, or want to learn how you can build a thriving business as a women’s health coach, please call me at 347-927-2855 to discuss your goals, learn about my coaching programs and services, and find out if we’re a good fit.

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