Hello Darling,

I’m Melissa Danielle, photographer, coach, doula, massage therapist, mentor, and community builder committed to helping women over 35 become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves.

I’m a Brooklyn native currently living in Hawaii. An SVA dropout, I spent over 10 years building community around food and the outdoors in New York State, fostering upstate/downstate, urban/rural connections.

I’m also a first-time mom living with PCOS who birthed at home three months shy of my 40th birthday.

My favorite projects and collaborations were Bed-Stuy Farm Share, Bed-Stuy Bounty, Outdoor Afro, NOFA-NY, Brooklyn Food Coalition/Bed-Stuy Food Council, Growing Food & Justice for All Initiative.

I now cultivate womb wisdom along the full spectrum of motherhood for more power, autonomy, agency, advocacy, pleasure, connection, and embodiment.

After years of struggle and angst trying to “choose one thing”, I’ve fully embraced my passion for food, sex, intimacy, menstruation, motherhood, money, gardening, outdoor recreation, social justice, ethical nonmonogamy, history, mythology, languages, and other interests I’ve been able to weave together on this adventure called Life.

Basically, I’m unemployable.

But if you’re a woman over 35 who’s been told you’re too much, have too many ideas, are contemplating motherhood, want to heal generational wounds, make peace with your period, want to make more money, build a legacy, or just would like something different/more/better in your intimate relationships and in your life, you’re in the right place.

I’m committed to my personal growth and living an intentional life. I believe in telling the truth so that I never have to remember what I said, and because it’s the kindest (but not the nicest) way I can show up in the world and remain true to myself.

I believe in being at peace and paid, well-fed and well-fucked.

And I take my pleasure seriously.

I like connecting over green smoothies or bourbon; what’s your pleasure?

Click here to book a call with me today and let’s find out if working together is a good fit for where you are right now.