Hello, it’s me. I’m a multipassionate coach, disruptor, and creative badass helping purpose-driven women reclaim their multi-orgasmic potential, vitality, and freedom during their periods, pregnancy, and postpartum as a full spectrum reproductive wellness, fertility awareness, and feminine embodiment coach.

I used to build community around food as a local food advocate and community food project leader. Now I’m building community for women who want to become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves.

I’m an unapologetic too much woman who loves ideation, growing food, orgasms, green smoothies, belly laughs, sharing good food with friends, folks who create more than they consume, chocolate, solitude, sunbathing in the grass, full moon swims in the ocean, bacon, and bourbon. I’m co-creating an intentional life with an amazing group of friends and lovers who share my passions and commitment to continuous improvement and personal growth.

I have little tolerance for bullshit, including my own.

The best way to keep up with my shenanigans is via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.