Hello, It’s Me.

I’m a multipassionate coach, disruptor, and creative badass helping women reclaim the Wild Feminine during their periods, pregnancy, and postpartum. Since 2005, I’ve used food, art, recreation, and movement to build community and facilitate shameless conversations on food, truth, desire, sex, and intimacy.

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PCOS, Periods, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

I want to live in a world that honors women’s cycles as they move through the childbearing year. Our current model celebrates overwork and busyness in the name of productivity, but it isn’t making our lives better. Period pain, disrupted ovulation, and postpartum depression are just some of the symptoms we’ve accepted as part and parcel of being a woman, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our periods (or lack thereof), mood swings, hormonal imbalances, and cravings offer information and clues as to how well we’re taking care of ourselves. There’s a reason we call the “time of the month” periods and cycles. When we honor this time by listening to our bodies and giving it what it needs (rest, nourishing food, movement, touch, etc), we become more tuned in and turned on to our true nature.

Women thrive when they feel safe enough to take up space, when they feel supported in their work and their life, when they are in the company of likeminded women.

As an integrative nutrition and women’s health coach, full spectrum doula, and bodyworker, I show women over 35 how to live in their bodies by making peace with their periods, heal mother wounds, and tap into the creative potential of their orgasm so they can become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves.

Through in-person and online coaching and events, my clients uncover the truth of their desires, connect with other women as collaborators and co-creators, and become more embodied in life, love, and work.

How to Work With Me

I’m currently accepting purpose-driven women living with PCOS who want to reverse their symptoms, prepare their bodies and lives for conception, and create a nurturing and supportive pregnancy and postpartum. The investment to work with me is $3600 for 9 months. Payment plans are available.

Included in this investment is a personalized wellness program, 2 virtual group coaching calls a month (recorded and emailed to you), with additional support via email, phone, and text.

Please note: While I support expectants during their pregnancy* and postpartum, I am unavailable to assist during childbirth at this time. Clients interested in labor support will meet with one of my doula partners during their coaching hours who will be present for their labor and birth. Enrolling in childbirth education and preparation is a condition of working with me and my doula team. I recommend Birthing Better and Pain to Power.

To get started, book a wellness assessment by clicking here. Should we decide to work together, your investment may be applied to the coaching agreement you choose.

Hawaii residents looking for a more traditional doula option can click here.

If you’d like a self-paced, DIY approach to PCOS and fertility, I invite you to check out Dr. Marc Sklar’s Empowered PCOS and My Fertility School programs.

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