Melissa Danielle & KeikiI’m Melissa Danielle. I help high acheiving women over 35 with PCOS optimize their bodies, finances, and lives for motherhood.

Even if we never work together, here’s what I’d like for you to know:

  • PCOS is bigger than infertility.
  • Periods are not just for pregnancy.
  • Fertility is about much more than making babies.
  • You’re not too old, you’ve just never learned how your menstrual cycle works nor how to nourish it. 
  • You’re not meant to be mothering in a silo.
  • Underearning keeps you in a perpetual cycle of lack, victimhood, illness, burnout, depletion, and poverty.
  • You can have it all, you just don’t have to do it all.

If you’d like to learn how to reclaim your period for more power and more pleasure as you transition to motherhood, I’d love to work with you.