Truth + Desire Lab

Everything you desire is already within you. 

When we place other people's needs and desires ahead of ours, we often find ourselves drained and depleted. But if you don't take good care of yourself -- eating well, moving your body, getting enough sleep, saying no to requests that don't serve you, and so on -- who will?

If you're not taking your self-care and pleasure seriously, are you truly living a full and engaged life? 

So many women experience depression, loneliness, lack of purpose, lack of faith, fatigue, chronic pain, low libido, painful and heavy menstruation, infertility, bloating and other disturbances of the mind, body, and spirit. They feed their hunger with prescriptions and starvation hoping to turn it around.

What if the solution wasn’t another pill, diet, detox, cleanse, or weight loss program?

You're invited to join a community of wild and juicy women, where you'll stretch yourself beyond the constructs and limitations of femininity and womanhood. On the other side is power, freedom, and community.

Through workshops and coaching circles, online and in-person,Truth + Desire Lab offers integrative practices such as personal growth and development, movement and meditation, and sensuality and sexuality.

Book Discussions, Embodiment, Coaching

Members of Truth + Desire Lab participate in weekly and monthly conversations and exercises, where they learn how to "experiment" with making bold and shameless requests.

Membership is managed on the Patreon platform. Click here to learn more. 

Weekend Immersion

The weekend immersion is offered four times a year in person and by request for groups of up to 24 women.  For inquiries, email

Friday Evening


Overflow is an introduction to Truth + Desire Lab. So much of how we move through the world as women is centered around the sacrifices we make for others. We put others first and ourselves last, even when we don’t have much to give. We’re taught to believe that this kind of giving is a virtue, an act of love and kindness that makes us “good” women. But this kind of giving depletes us and can foster anger and resentment, leaving us to feel less loving and kind, especially with ourselves. Overflow invites women to tune in and turn on to their desires, their creativity, and their power in order to fill themselves all the way up until they are overflowing. It's in the overflow that we serve. When women are turned on and overflowing, they create a ripple effect that inspires and empowers other women as well.

Overflow is for self-identified women of all backgrounds and abilities. During the first half of Overflow, you’ll engage in movement and/or breathwork, followed by a facilitated discussion of your experience and how you can carry it into your everyday life.

This session runs about two hours. 


Saturday (all day, with lunch)
Leading with Desire

Leading with Desire

In The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell writes, “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

When is the last time you you had an experience that made you feel most alive in your body? Leading with Desire explores what’s possible when women tune in to their desires and tap into their pleasures. By focusing on the way we want to feel in our bodies and in our lives, we’ll discover what truly nourishes us. Together, we'll learn to lead with our desires without guilt or shame.

We'll spend the first part of the day in conversation, journaling, meditation, movement, and reflection. After lunch, we'll have our "lab", an opportunity for you to practice making requests, experience receiving, and getting real time feedback.

This session runs about six hours, including  breaks and lunch. 


Nourish :: Nature

A walking meditation in the outdoors to draw in the healing aspects of nature and solidify connections made with other participants. 

This experience lasts about two hours. 


If you are a Dance, Yoga,  Movement,  or Somatic Practitioner interested in using your work to help women experience the essence of movement in their bodies and in their lives, I invite you to bring Truth + Desire Lab to your community.

Truth + Desire Lab is a high touch, participatory experience that takes place over three days. To host this experience, you'll need access to an intimate gathering space for up to 24 women, a dance studio (can be the same location for Friday and Saturday), and be in reasonable proximity to a park, trail, or large body of water (river, lake, ocean).

Please get in touch at 347-927-2855/808-670-8983 for a conversation where we'll get to know each other, discuss logistics and compensation, and find out if Truth & Desire Lab is a good fit for your brand and your community.