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Advances in technology and how we receive and use information are supposed to be making our lives better. Instead, we're increasingly overworked, sedentary, and disconnected from our bodies, each other, and nature.

Health Coaches and other practitioners are working to change this by helping people realign with their values so that they show up fully engaged and connected at home, work, in their communities, and in their lives.

I've benefited greatly from the investments I've made in the programs, tools, trainings listed below. Take a look and reach out to me at helloitsme@melissamail.net with any questions you may have about how my life and my business has been impacted.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Health Coaching offers ongoing transformation on both a personal and professional level.

As a Graduate Ambassador, I'd love to extend tuition savings to you when you enroll.


Click on the image or click here to get access to a class offered in the Professional Training Program and I'll follow up via email to get your feedback and to help you find out if a career in Health Coaching is right for you.

Desire Map Licensing Program

If you resonate with soul-based or values-driven entrepreneurship practices, this turnkey coaching + workshop + retreat business is for you.  As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, you can use the curriculum to launch a conscious business or expand your current offerings.

Click on the image or click here to learn more. 

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I may receive a referral commission when you enroll in either program.