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Hello Darling!

Welcome to my online home.

I’m Melissa Danielle. If you're looking to learn more about my work in community food development, art (soon!), recreation, movement, and wellness, you're in the right place!

If you want to learn more about me, click here. For updates on my projects, events, and special offers, head over here . You can also join me on Instagram.

Health Coaching

I offer lifestyle support to those who want to feel good without dieting or deprivation. I have very limited space for private health coaching while I pursue certification in therapeutic massage, but you can still join my wellness club and get access to pre-recorded workshops, my favorite recipes, wellness tips and more over here.

If you're a woman interested in the womanly arts (desire, intimacy, Divine Feminine, witchcraft, sensuality, herbs, orgasm, movement, and more along these lines), I invite you to check out my newest project, Truth + Desire Lab.

I have a podcast I call All the Things, and it airs weekly Mondays through Fridays:

Mondays with Melissa -- insights, perspectives, and rants on just about anything

Breathe on Purpose -- breathwork meditations to improve your health and well-being

Green Smoothies, Chocolate, and Bacon -- health coaching and wellness tips that challenge mainstream diet culture dogma

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Health Coaching Practice -- insights on ten+ years in health coaching plus peer support for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches

Diary of a Too Much Woman -- Courageous and shameless conversations for and about women who will always be too much

I write book and product reviews

I receive books and products from time to time to use in my life and share with my clients in exchange for an honest review. I also discuss what I’m personally reading or using.


My Training

I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2005 and made a name for myself in New York State hosting green smoothie challenges and helping vegetarians eat more vegetables before moving into local food/food justice, where I worked as a community food educator and agritourism specialist, hosting cooking demos, farmers market and farm tours, locavore challenges, workshops, and more. I founded Bed-Stuy Bounty in 2012, which I ran successfully before deciding to pack it all up and move to Hawaii, where I currently reside.

I'm also a KRI Level I Kundalini Yoga Instructor through 3HO and am engaged in rigorous self-study in personal growth through tools such as Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.

If you’d love to launch a new career supporting others towards their own version of health, happiness, and success, click here.


I receive compensation in the form of books and products in exchange for honest reviews, and financial compensation in the form of affiliate and referral fees for any product, service, or training I recommend that leads to a sale.