[Workshop] Alive & Well: 7 Ways to Feel Good in Your Body Without Dieting and Deprivation


Learn how to set empowering goals, understand your cravings, eat well no matter your budget or time, and more with this information-packed hourlong workshop you can listen to anytime.

I'm Ready to Ditch the Diets!



Why are we still dieting and depriving our way to someone else's idea of a healthy and attractive body when everything about our experience shows that the results are short-lived, restrictive, and the exact opposite of how we want to feel in our bodies?

Join me for a new conversation on what it really means to look and feel good at every size without food being a measure of how good or bad you at taking care of yourself.

In this workshop, you'll learn the seven core mindset shifts I share with members of my wellness club.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have several actionable steps you can take right away to become the healthiest version of yourself, on your own terms.

Green Smoothies, Chocolate, and Bacon

I invite you to challenge the diet dogma that says you must diet, deprive yourself, and willpower away all of what you love in order to have the body and life you desire. I do this every Wednesday on Green Smoothies, Chocolate, and Bacon.


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