Motherworthlove Postpartum Care

Motherworthlove offers in-person and virtual postpartum planning, motherbaby care and support for the first 40 days of the fourth trimester. 

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The first forty days after giving birth sets the tone for the long-term health and vitality of the woman or person giving birth as well as the health and well-being of the newborn. Traditionally, birthing women were (and still are) tended to by their mothers, grandmothers, and women relatives, friends, and neighbors. 

Western women have lost this plan of care, often finding themselves overwhelmed, confused, and alone during this most crucial time in their lives. That's where the work of doulas, community birth workers, perinatal community health workers and perinatal family support workers come in.

When mothers are allowed to focus solely on their recovery and bonding with their newborn(s), they are able to transition into motherhood with a strong sense of connection, purpose, and community.  

Integrative Nutrition & Women's Health Coach Melissa Danielle offers support with: 

  • fourth trimester planning -- establishing plan of care, support network, etc for the first three months after giving birth and beyond
  • care for baby so that mother can get sufficient rest, nutrition, and even take a shower!
  • education and self-care for primary partners and additional caregivers
  • cooking and nutrition support to aid in healing, recovery, and breastmilk production (if breastfeading)
  • light housekeeping and management of visitors and helpers

I'm currently booking virtual support for mothers with due dates in February 2018 and beyond, and in-person support for Kailua, Oahu families with due dates in June 2018 and beyond.  Call 670-8983 to get started. 

Also booking two NYC families with due dates in early March 2018.  Call 347-927-2855 to get started. 

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Motherbaby care

Motherbaby is an oldways term that explains the continued connection between mother and baby after birth. Even though you're no longer carrying, you are still deeply connected to your newborn. As you adjust to life with your baby outside the womb, you will need adequate rest, nutrition, loving touch, time in nature, and support from your partner, family, friends, and other care givers.

The first forty days belong to you and your baby, a time to let others take care of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, household management, and other tasks. This may also feel like the most isolating experience, as you'll be doing little else (ideally) beyond sleeping, resting, eating, going to the bathroom, and being with your baby. It's important to have intentional and consistent support during this time.

Your body will be doing all kinds of things as it recovers, and the less you have to worry about the more you can focus on your healing and your baby.

Slowing down and resting so that you can heal, which is not the same as giving up or quitting, is essential to your overall health and well-being. 

How to work with me

If you're working with a birth doula, it's likely that postpartum care only extends to the first two weeks postpartum, after which, you're on your own to figure out and manage next steps. If you don't have a doula or other birth support provider, your postpartum time can feel very overwhelming. This is where I come in.

To make sure you have a structured plan of care and support in place, we'll meet a few times during your third trimester or sooner (as part of your planning session), which includes meeting with several members of your motherbaby care team (significant other, birth doula, relatives, housekeeper, etc) to discuss your goals and ensure that everyone is on board with how you'd like to be taken care of during your recovery.

Your structured plan is specific to your needs and your budget, and may include but is not limited to meal planning and cooking, creating a chore calendar,  managing shopping and errands,  arranging care for the baby so that you can nap, eat, shower, take a walk or get a massage, helping your significant other and additional caregivers get the support they need as they make the adjustment, coordinating with family members for help with the other children in the household or pets, if necessary, and more.

To be clear:  All of the above mentioned tasks are for your support team to handle, so the only thing you need to focus on is your healing and your baby.

My areas of specialty are

nourishment (healing and restorative foods, teas, etc)

breathwork and movement

cultivating intimacy and loving touch (for mother, baby, and partner[s])

establishing daily self-care rituals (herbal blends for drinking, vaginal steams and sitz baths, massage, creative expression, and restorative activities)

If you choose to continue working with me, here are the agreements I  offer: 

Sacred Window - Six, 4-hour visits and two overnight visits (10pm-6am) over the first forty days after you give birth for an investment of $2000 plus support via phone or email during this time. 

Per diem -- you can book four-hour shifts as needed for an investment of $250 a day / $500 for overnight shifts.

Virtual - 24 hours of support over the first 40 days postpartum via phone or video conferencing and email support between sessions for an investment of $650.

A 40% deposit is due at the time of booking with the remaining balance due within two weeks after our agreement is fulfilled. Save 20% on the Sacred Window and Virtual agreements when you pay in full. Extended payment arrangements can be made. 

Mothercircle   -- A private, online community for mothers in the planning and postpartum stage. Members receive support through the community via live classes, book discussions, Q&As and more. $40, billed monthly, which you can cancel at anytime (This is included with the private in-person and virtual agreements).

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Need help covering maternity expenses? Considering including cash requests on your baby registry to cover the costs.

Currently booking:

  • virtual support for mothers with due dates in February 2018 and beyond. Call 347-927-2855 to get started. 
  • in-person support for Kailua, Oahu families with due dates in June 2018 and beyond.  Call 670-8983 to get started. 
  • NYC families with due dates in March 2018.  Call 347-927-2855 to get started. 

Refund policy:  The service that I provide women and their families during this most crucial period of human development requires ongoing and continuing education, training, certification, and personal development. Some of these experiences themselves are non-refundable, and many of them may require monthly or annual dues to maintain my credentials.

This work is high-touch, meaning that even though I am entering this agreement as a professional and must maintain a standard of ethics and work within my scope of practice, this work is deeply intimate, and requires that I also invest in the same level of care and community for myself that I am creating for my clients. 

As this is also women's work, the investment reflects the high value I place on women's labor, which is often overlooked, undervalued and underpaid.  I am able to serve women fully without the angst, burnout, and resentment that plagues women engaged in this kind of work, many of whom are underearners.

I do not offer refunds for any reason on your part. In the event of the loss of a pregnancy, you will have the option to receive support with grieving, releasing, and healing, or you can gift your agreement to another mother.  In the event that I am unable to serve you within the terms of our agreement and/or unable to find a suitable replacement, you will be refunded the full amount of your agreement. 

About Me

I moved to Hawaii from Brooklyn in 2015 to escape winter,  recover from burnout, and figure out my next steps. Winter ended and I decided to stay. I received my health coach training from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I've completed and/or am working towards additional certification in women's hormone and pelvic health, preparing for pregnancy and postpartum, full spectrum doula, breastfeeding and childbirth education, and massage therapy.

As a health coach, I've guided clients through healthy transitions to plant-based diets and launched several community food and agritourism projects.

I pride myself in knowing a little bit about a lot of things, but it wasn't until I began exploring family planning with my partner that I discovered just how little couples know about pregnancy or even plan for their pregnancies and life as parents, and how much less care and support is available to mothers, especially women over 35 (like me) during the fourth trimester.

I've witnessed people spending more time debating whether to go Android or iPhone,  planning for which movie they want to see, car they want to buy, or neighborhood they want to live in, but when it comes to having a baby, they don't want to worry too much or overthink things. They want to have all the fun making the baby but not actually ensuring they're in the best physical, mental, emotional, and financial health, not to mention if they are even all that compatible to parent together.  Who does this?

Everyone, apparently.

As much as we love the idea of babies and raising a family, we've got to be honest about the hard, neverending, pull-your-hair-out-from-the-root struggles that is parenting. Raising children is hard, thankless work with no days off, and maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner may be even more difficult once the demands of parenting come into play.

So it's important for your health, the health of your baby, and the health of your relationship that you prepare as much as you can now for what's to come, so that you can feel informed and empowered, even if things don't work out the way you planned.

As I continue my personal pregnancy planning journey, I've decided that the best way for me to be well informed and empowered is to support other mothers on this journey. Because the postpartum period is the most crucial to my health and well-being as a transplant to Hawaii with no family or network (working on that!) to support me during and after pregnancy, I decided to switch gears in my health coaching practice to advocate for postpartum care and provide mothers with dedicated support during the first 40 days of their recovery and transition into motherhood.

I look forward to being a part of your motherbaby care team!