Hello, It’s Me.

I'm Melissa Danielle, a multi-passionate, creative, coach, community builder, and disruptor for lifestyles of health and continuous personal growth.

As an Integrative Nutrition & Women's Health Coach, I've helped thousands of people eat locally and in season, spend time outdoors, and foster relationships with their neighbors, farmers, and local business owners through asset-based community development for thriving local living economies.

These days, I facilitate women's health and personal growth through coaching, workshops, and weekend intensives.

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I send weeklyish emails of a somewhat vulnerable nature of what I'm working on in life, love,  and livelihood. I also have a growing list of pen pals. If you'd like to get emails, enter your details below. If you want handwritten letters, drop a postcard in the mail to PO Box 1032 Kailua HI 96734.

There's a widely and long-held belief that women's bodies are problematic, that painful periods, bloating, acne, unexplained and unwanted weight gain, erratic mood swings, low sex drives, lack of orgasm, and even infertility,  are part and parcel of being a woman.

This is a lie.

When women are liberated from the social conditioning keeping them from living the fullest versions of themselves, they reconnect with their bodies to trade mood swings, PMS, painful periods, and infertility for increased libido, juiciness, and vitality.

Holistic Hormone and Pelvic Health

Mood swings, hair growing in places you don't want, debilitating PMS and menstrual cycles, thinning hair, weight gain, and fatigue are just some of the symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances.

Did you know that menstrual cramps, digestive disturbances, and pain during sex may be signs of pelvic misalignment?

I guide women towards hormone balancing and pelvic pain relief through monthly coaching calls, wellness programs, and more at honeybeewellness.club.

Holistic Postpartum Planning and Motherbaby Care 

More women die in the US each year from complications of childbirth than women in other developed countries. Women of color are at higher risk of developing birth injuries and dying within a year of giving birth.


It seems as though we give more attention and care to the life and health of the infant than we do the mother.

What the baby needs, the mother needs, and neither should take priority over the other, because both are connected, even outside of the womb, and especially in the first forty days to three months after giving birth. 

By providing mothers with the nonmedical support they need before, during, and after giving birth, birth workers can and have reduced the need for medical intervention, including Cesarean, postpartum depression, and other negative health outcomes that effect women during pregnancy and beyond.

I offer holistic postpartum planning and motherbaby care so that mothers can get the rest, nourishing food, loving touch, and the guidance of wise women during the most important transition of their lives.

Learn more at motherworthlove.club

Orgasm, Creativity, and Desire

A woman's capacity for abundance is unlimited, yet most women feel a longing for self-expression that isn't through the identities and roles constructed for us in our masculine-centered and dominated culture.

When women learn to connect to their power center (pelvis/womb), they discover an untapped reserve of creative abundance. When they connect with other women, they experience a paradigm shift.

I turn women on to their desires through the exploration of desire, creativity, and orgasm through book discussions, movement practices, and weekend intensives.

Visit truthanddesirelab.com to get started.


Melissa Danielle is a multipassionate coach, disruptor, and creative badass for lifestyles of health, sustainability, and continuous personal growth. A graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Melissa has supported local food efforts in NYS through special projects in community food development, most notably Bed-Stuy Bounty, and is currently focused on women's empowerment through desire, creativity, orgasm, and community. She hosts a daily weekday podcast called All The Things, and enjoys cycling, kayaking, growing food, cooking, reading, dancing, and much more than is reasonable for this bio. A Brooklyn, NY native, Melissa currently lives on Oahu.