Group Coaching

I work with artists, lovers, healers, and change agents who want to feel juicy and connected in their lives.

Feeling juicy and turned on to their desires.

Feeling connected to their bodies.

More connection in their relationships.

More connection in their work.

More connection to their purpose.

My clients want to experience all the joy, laughter, and love life has to offer -- on their own terms.

They want to do more and be more, but they’re struggling. Struggling with choosing the best foods to eat for energy and focus. Struggling to ask for what they want and struggling to receive it. Struggling to get out of bed everyday to go to jobs that suck the life out of them.

Struggling to create meaning and value in their lives beyond the stuff they‘ve accumulated, stuff they don’t really need or want and don’t have time to enjoy anyway.

They think they have to diet and deprive themselves to have a healthy body.

They think that they have to put everyone else’s needs first in order to receive love and be a good person.

They think that sacrifice means delaying and denying their pleasure for some far-off and unknowable future.

They know all of this about themselves and are ready to create a shift in mindset.

Does this sound like you?

As an Integrative Nutrition Health and Personal Growth Coach, I help my clients

  • Set goals they will actually reach.

  • Break through the self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

  • Create an inspired plan of action that is true to who they are and the life they desire.

  • Get the right shit done.

Here’s what clients have said about working with me:

Melissa has helped me navigate a few conflicts in my life, both personal and professional.  I always feel listened to when I come to her with a problem/issue/concern; she asks excellent questions that make me examine the dynamics at hand (re: the other person AND myself) and always leave with a variety of suggestions and possible next moves to take action. I love that she's always thinking/creating/building in regards to her own life, career and community.  I love that she's kind, warm, honest and a good friend.  I love that Melissa speaks her mind and invites others to do the same.  I love that she is a deep thinker and delivers what she promises. - Marian Isel Barragan, Marian Isel Wellness 

Be ready to cracked open and find possibilities that you might never have thought existed or even possible. There is no cookie cutter thinking here. It is free, abstract, and liberating.I truly appreciate the open, raw, and refreshing experiences that you provided me with. -Trina Kaminaka

NOT cookie cutter

NOT  a set list of questions to answer... she built on what I said, asked, etc.

I felt listened to and heard.

Nothing I said was diminished or made small or simple.

New perspectives that rang true... not just shiny, happy positive thinking messages.  (Affirmations and positive thinking have their place FOR SURE... but you gave true perspective I could wrap my head around and let sink in... they have a much greater opportunity for becoming part of me.[W]orking with you feels REAL...You really do show up and want to help rather than just take a person through motions they might get in a work book.  You are quick thinking and really listen and hear!   A unique approach. -- Judy Breuer,

Melissa listened to what I had to say and took into consideration all of my interests, beliefs and values.  All her recommendations were based on my personality....who does that! After my experience with Melissa, opportunities opened up for me and I am more creative now than before and I am more accepting of my interests, beliefs and values and love being me!  I told them that I am very fortunate to have found Melissa as she was able to give me a different perspective on my business and how excited I was to be able to add my beliefs, interests and values to my practice.  I am free to be me and that is priceless!! Cathy-Ann

Group Coaching

Coaching is a dynamic relationship that involves continuous personal growth and development over the long term. If you're serious about getting to the next level so that you can become the best version of yourself, you've got to put some skin in the game.

Group Coaching is available for up to twelve participants by phone and/or video conferencing. In the group coaching environment, not only will you get support from me, you'll also gain additional insights and accountability that comes from engaging with other like minds who want everyone to win.

Coaching Agreement:  Six group coaching sessions over six months for up to two hours of coaching, with email support in between for an investment of $850, paid in full.

The next Group Coaching Cycles begins Thursday, June 8th, 7pmET

The remaining sessions will be scheduled during during each successive call.

Before anyone signs up to work with me, we spend at least an hour getting to know each other during a Coaching Conversation. During this conversation, we go deep to uncover your desires and to figure out if I'm the best person to help you get to where you want to be. The investment is $150, paid in full, and there are no refunds, not even for missed or cancelled appointments.

Should we decide to work together, your investment will be applied to the cost of your group coaching agreement.

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