Community Foodworks for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches

Community Foodworks is a six-month community building toolkit and mentor program specifically designed for Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches interested in building a community-based health coaching practice.

Are you an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who: 

  • loves cooking?
  • is an avid gardener, farmer, and/or foodie?
  • enjoys talking to and working with groups?
  • wants to build community via experential events and activities?
  • wants to position themselves as the go-to for food, health, and wellness in their community (and beyond)?
  • wants to build their public speaking and workshop presence?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Community Foodworks may be just what you need to grow your coaching practice within your community. With my support, you'll build a name for yourself as the local go-to for good food and wellness while also filling the pipeline for opportunities and clients.

Together, we'll identify a community food model that aligns with your goals and what you learned during HCTP,  and build a sustainable coaching practice so that you'll always have an audience for your workshops and enrollment conversations.

How to join Community Foodworks

Community Foodworks is offered every April  as a complimentary bonus to new students who enroll in Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Professional Health Coach Training Program through my referral and to graduates for an investment of $1,000.

Once Institute for Integrative Nutrition lets me know that you’ve enrolled, I’ll be in touch with you. If you don’t hear from me within a week of enrollment, chances are your enrollment wasn’t linked through me. If that’s the case, please get in touch

Enroll today by calling 844 315 8547 to begin the enrollment process.  During the enrollment conversation, mention my name (Melissa Danielle) and tell them you want the Ambassador Love Package

Note: Community Foodworks is not affiliated with Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Are you a graduate interested in Community Foodworks for Health Coaches?

You can get started by signing up here to pay in full or calling me at 347-927-2855 to set up an installment plan (via PayPal).

I do not offer refunds for Community Foodworks. 

What can you expect during your time with me? 

During our six months together, we'll meet twice a month by phone and in between via email. I'll provide you with templates and scripts that you can customize. During our calls we will work on a marketing and outreach calendar to help you plan your year and grow your practice.

Ideally, you will allocate 2-10 hours a week on community building activities. This includes visiting the offices of your elected officials, attending community meetings, tabling at local events, presenting workshops and cooking demos, and other strategies, with the aim of increasing your visibility and building your pipeline for your health coaching program.

Results will vary based on your capacity, commitment, and the consistent action you take.

Questions? Send them to 

About Me: As a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition with over ten years of health coaching experience both privately and in community settings, I’m excited to be sharing my best tips and practices for those looking to add community food and wellness as a supplement or the central focus to their health coaching practice.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I've worked as a farmers market manager, community food educator, agritourism promoter, CSA and buying club coordinator, and in other roles, where I used my health coach training to support New York's local and regional food system. I promoted seasonal, whole foods cooking, helped NYC residents spend more time outdoors, and brought hundreds of people together over good food.

DISCLOSURE & DISCLAIMER: I, Melissa Danielle, am a Graduate Ambassador of Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and will receive referral compensation for all IIN registrations that come through my referral links. This does not, however, diminish the integrity or value of the IIN experience or Community Foodworks program. While I and countless others have greatly benefited from the IIN experience, I am not responsible for your results from either IIN or Community Foodworks, so please exercise personal wisdom and discretion when making the decision to enroll in either program. If you decide it’s right for you and you do the work, I genuinely believe each has the potential to positively impact your coaching and your life. Should you choose to enroll in IIN, you will be bound by the terms outlined therein.