What’s The Most Important Thing?

The world’s been doing what it’s always been doing, but somehow, right now feels too much for a lot of people. And it's increasing the uncertainty and creating more anxiety, more fear, more panic, and more paralysis in people's lives.

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What If You Started Now?

Ever heard that saying, If you’re on time, you’re late?

That’s how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions. A lot of people say, I’m going to do X starting January 1st, but that’s already too late! If you start a few months earlier, taking small, actionable, and realistic steps, come January 1st, you’d already have momentum.

What if January wasn’t the best time for kickstarting new goals, when some of us are in the dark cold of winter? Why not try something a little different this year?

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Use Your Thrive Market Membership to Support Harvey Recovery

For the entire month of September, Thrive Market will give every dollar donated at checkout through their Spread the Health program to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donations will go toward healthy Thrive Market food, baby supplies, and clean water, all purchased at cost, and shipped directly to our partner organizations on the ground in areas affected by the storm.

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